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  1. Wallpaper - I can see you

    Not crazy about the color, so I changed it to grayscale. All in all a great wallpaper. Thanks!
  2. Hey, that's my screenie As soon as I get ahold of my Mac I'll post them here. EDIT: Robbiem's link is exactly where I got these icons. There's two packages to download in total. http://t.ecksdee.org/post/19001860
  3. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Its Sheepshaver, a Mac OS 9 emulator. The original icon is absolutely hideous, so I replaced it with the Mac OS Classic icon.
  4. Old Apps for old OS

    I tried installing Puma on my PowerMac G4 for kicks, and realizing how spoiled I was with Tiger and Leopard, determined these older OS X revisions are almost unusable by today's standards. Even Jaguar feels awkward. Panther, on the other hand, is a different story.
  5. Need help Reinstalling Tiger

    As the above poster mentioned, any IDE hard drive will be fine. As for wireless, you can either find an old crappy 802.11b Airport card for around $100, or if you have any open PCI slots on your PowerMac, get yourself a Sonnet Aria Extreme Wireless card. It uses the same chipset as the Airport Extreme wireless cards, meaning its plug and play compatible with OS X 10.4. You can usually find these on Amazon or eBay for around $80, or you can buy it directly from Sonnet: http://www.sonnettech.com/product/aria_pci.html
  6. cant play videos on iMac G3 running tiger 10.4.11

    Try installing Flip4Mac, which should allow Quicktime to play this video on your Mac. www.flip4mac.com
  7. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Here's mine. I made a very simple mod to the Apple logo using the Jaguar menu icon, and love it. Now if I could only change that Spotlight icon....
  8. Anyone notice the InsanelyMac homepage is gone/down? What's going on? Navigating to www.insanelymac.com gives me this: EDIT: {censored}, nevermind. The second I posted this the site was back. Go figure.
  9. 10.5.2 Is Finally Released!

    Has anyone seen any improvements with the Leopard Graphics Update package? My SR MacBook's Dock still feels very choppy, and haven't really noticed an overall improvement with the Intel X3100's performance. I was very disappointed with this update, as I was hoping to see this issue resolved. Guess all we can do is keep waiting...
  10. Here's mine. The monitor on the left is hooked up to the Vista machine I use almost exclusively for watching TV via Media Center: This is my now retired Hackintosh. I'm thinking of turning it into a Media Center PC for the living room: And this is my public FTP/backup/file server running Windows Server 2003 R2. Its holds 2x500GB HDDs in a RAID 1 config:
  11. Actually, I found it much, much simpler to install Leopard on my Hack using the x86_flat_img method. You can find this file on the usual sites.
  12. Most likely this means the bootloader is missing from the installation. Do you happen to have the Leopard TOH RC2 install disc? There's a script included with this disc that can help you rebuild the bootloader.
  13. Glad to see I'm not the only one. Are any of you running Leopard on a real Mac, or Hackintoshes? I'm wondering if this problem is also present on genuine Apple computers.
  14. Ok, so I got my Leopard installation up and running a few days ago, and so far I've had almost no problems using my softwares with this new OS, but I have come across some issues with Parallels. I installed the app, and immediately after installation I noticed the system started lagging tremendously. Every 5 seconds or so the screen seemed to just freeze up then unfreeze a second later. Now keep in mind I hadn't even launched Parallels yet. Launching the app only seemed to make matters worse. So I decided to reboot the machine, but the same issues were still present. Finally, I decided to uninstall Parallels, and immediately those problems went away. Has anyone else tried using Parallels within Leopard? Are there known compatibility issues? I'm kinda leaning towards the virtual NIC adapters Parallels installs could have something to do with it. Please respond. Thanks.
  15. booting issue

    I was just about to mention running the script file off the ToH disc, but guess I was too late Anyway, it's not really necessary to have to run the script 3 or 4 times, but there is a trick to making it successful. 1. Boot off the ToH disc. When loaded, open Terminal, then run the script file. 2. Close out Terminal, then open Disk Utility. 3. Unmount your Leopard partition, then close out Disk Utility. 4. Finally, open Terminal and run the script once more. And that's it. Leopard should boot with no problems afterwards. Just so everyone knows, this script will also fix boot problems with TigerX86 as well.