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  1. hello. I currently have a dual boot setup using Systemd bootloader and Clover as subordinate to it with Sierra. I believe I need to update CLOVERX64.efi while booted into my Linux partition to update Clover but then I'm having trouble finding it, although I'm able to find the installer easily. I had tried to start a new topic but for some reason, I can only set the title and no content/body and posted in this thread due to its relatedness. Thanks.
  2. I have a few laptops and my usb installer manages to get all the way to the OSX installer prompt for some devices, but for others, it does not. Strangely enough, the devices that the usb drive does not work with has been able to load from the usb installer before, and even has Clover installed. But for some reason, my device stopped recognizing Clover on the usb installer as well as stopped recognizing the OSX installation on the system hard drive. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. hello. Thank you very much for the kext. Unfortunately, something else seemed to have happened with my Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 (core m), where it no longer shows the clover screen when I boot from my usb drive but just gives me a black screen. Funny enough, the clover screen shows when I boot from my internal hard drive and I get as far as shown in the screenshots below. As shown in the pictures, it looks like the microsd card is picked up just fine and is loading until I get the circle with the slash and the text loses definition and become a bunch of blobs. I may report this elsewhere and then figure out the microsd issue.
  4. that would be much appreciated!
  5. Hello, I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro that seems to boot into macOS just fine when I boot from my usb drive. However, I run into a snag and macOS fails to boot when I try to run a clone copy from a 64GB microsd card. I get as far as seeing the verbose messages while booting, but it gets stuck. I'm not sure if I would need to include a kext for my media reader in my boot drive or what. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. I've cloned a VMWare install of Sierra 10.12.6 beta onto a physical partition on my hard drive to increase performance. I tried booting into it using my clover 4091-based usb installer, which was created from Sierra 10.12.5. I tried to update the kernel in the usb installer with the one in my 10.12.6 beta's /S/L/K to no avail. I believe I installed VMTools when macos was living in the VM. Would that have anything to do with the kernel panic? I've attached a screenshot with the hope there's an easy and obvious fix to my issue. Cheers.
  7. I'm running vmware 12 workstation player and have found el capitan's performance to be abysmal even after having installed the vmware tools. I've also tried to install the clover bootloader to see what kind of performance gains I can get. I'm now in sierra which is giving me very similar loads, which I suppose speaks well for sierra compared to the previous versions, but I'm still not super impressed. I'm on an Intel Core i5 3427u with 12GB ram, of which 6GB is allocated to the vm. I'm mainly trying to run vmware to study/practice xcode and the cocoa framework, but it's just awful. Funny enough, the vmware image of Yosemite with beamoff running on a Dell Venue 11 Pro with 4GB RAM (of which 2GB is allocated to the VM) did considerably better than on my current setup. I suppose I can revert to Mavericks since I'm mainly working on Objective C on a very basic level and I suppose I can learn Swift on it as well, but given the rate at which the language and framework is developing, I'd rather run on Sierra. I have an Intel HD4000 Ivy Bridge cpu, which only get 128MB vram picked up by the vmware. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.
  8. dawntodon

    Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520)

    for a minute, I had an issue with downloading the files but got them now. But unfortunately, working with the instructions in the original post, I find myself getting stuck at "still waiting for root device " I had tried the other com.chameleon.boot.plist as well on pg.5 with the same results. I tried following them using OS X 10.10.3 and am using a usb 2.0 installer. Thank you.
  9. dawntodon

    Yosemite Open Beta

    So I got a bit further using mendietinha's mach kernel, fantomas's patch, and mendietinha's advice on another thread on swapping between usb ports when getting the "still waiting for root device" message, and got Yosemite to install.unfortunately, now the keyboard isn't detected, nor am I able to boot into my hard drive upon installing chameleon build 2391. I also had a kernel panic with osxwatchdog, which I resolved by moving all of the Intel graphics kexts from s/l/e to the root directory as advised on another thread. I had even tried to use the same extras folder from my Mavericks install to no avail. Strangely enough, the same usb installer worked on another laptop just fine with none of the issues above. The only issue that one has is that the track pad pointer works fine until I boot into Windows, upon which the pointer goes haywire once I boot into Yosemite again. The only way I can regain use of the track pad is by reinstalling Yosemite and never booting onto my Windows partition. An external mouse works just fine, but I'd like to be able to work without the mouse. Another strange thing is that for both installs, when booting in verbose mode,I get the pleasure of seeing every single kext that's ever been made run instead of going through a cache. While my Mavericks install didn't need any extra key value pair added to the boot plist to prompt chameleon to use a cache, I'm wondering if Yosemite needs one now. The above descriptions don't go through painstaking detail but if there's something my feeble mind can help with for folks with a similar situation/setup, just let me know!
  10. dawntodon

    OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    aah. So you moved the drive around to another usb port while it was booting. I'll try that out!
  11. dawntodon

    Yosemite Open Beta

    Sorry. I phrased that poorly. I meant that I should reference the root in my org.chameleon.boot.plist as /mach_kernel in place of the one made by chameleon build 2390, which points to /s/l/e/kernel. I initially built the pen drive using the installer and then I installed build 2391 over the existing version of chameleon. I also installed it without any customization. unfortunately, it's currently stuck on this message. With every hackintosh, it always feels like I'm starting afresh with no experience. Buh.
  12. dawntodon

    Yosemite Open Beta

    if I remember correctly, the unzipped mach_kernel will need to be installed in the root directory of the pen drive.
  13. dawntodon

    Yosemite Open Beta

    thank you! I'll report back either way
  14. dawntodon

    Yosemite Open Beta

    sorry, I should have mentioned that I use chameleon. BTW, what version of chameleon would you recommend for this install? A link or keyword to a working guide would also be much appreciated since I would also be attempting this on a Dell, which I notice happens to be the make of your yosemite hackintosh and historically, I've had more success working within the same make with hackintoshes. Thank you!
  15. dawntodon

    Yosemite Open Beta

    can this be updated from a working hackintosh currently running mavericks, or will I need to create a usb installer for this? Thanks everyone!