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  1. question for all dual-core users

    well, i added idlehalt=0 on it and things are workin... CHUD did {censored} things up but i removed the kexts and it's all good
  2. question for all dual-core users

    downloading CHUD, will use the boot options to disable for the time being... thanks
  3. does your dual-core stutter and lag? according to someone else's signature with the same processor... it does to his as well (and possibly all) If so, i'm not sure how u guys can bear with it and still use the x86
  4. ok....... it DOES work... without teh combo update... just it isn't 10.4.6 then and it still lags (randomly freezes up) do u have this problem too? like it randomly freezing for like 2 seconds every 5 seconds or so? it's very aggrivating... can't listen to music because of it...
  5. wait.... so this doesn't need the combo update patch either? i used the 10.4.6 combo update patch Amd SSE2 amd sse3 amd decrypts
  6. maxxus 10.4.5 patch solution a

    i managed to find it.. this should remove my problems on the mac... so how do u apply this patch?
  7. weird mac problems

    Main reason why i can't use mac as my primary- it randomly stutters (lags are random intervals).... when i mean lag.. it's more like freeze... u can't listen to music... can't do anything.... does anyone know the solution to this? thanks if this helps at all- i use the 10.4.5 disc since 10.4.6 doesn't work (get kernel panic) edit: i have a athlon x2 4200+ MSI neo4 platinum/SLi geforce6600 + turbo cache 2x 512 mushkin ram a 120gb western digital ATA hard drive
  8. i'm getting this problem too.... and regardless of sse2 or 3 used, it still won't load..... so any fixes mayb?
  9. belkin f5d7010

    can't get it to work.. uses ralink chipset..... on 10.4.5 it would show on the top in grey... on 10.4.6 it doesn't show anything.... does that mean i could use it in 10.4.5 if i switch my en0 to en1?
  10. random freezing/lag?

    yes........ it is.. a athlon x2 4200+ other people did post on that thread the driver was making the computer randomly freeze...... great... so how am i gonna get networking now?
  11. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    thanks a bunch for getting my LAN to work, but as someone else mentioned... it makes the computer randomly freeze a bit while doing things....... mind fixing that???
  12. random freezing/lag?

    yesterday, i managed to get my lan working with the generic nforce4 driver in this forum.... however, after i installed adobe cs2 and that driver and restarted, there is random freezing for like... 2 seconds... and it's VERY annoying... since it happens a lot... the CPU has at least 10% free at all times... and i still have a lot of RAM left... so what's going on?
  13. K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLi

    bump.... i really need help...
  14. K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLi

    I've been trying to get the Mac OS X to work for a while, I first started w/ 10.4.1 but quickly realized the networking and sound don't work..... so I got 10.4.5, which claims that the networking at least works.... but this doesn't seem to be teh case for me.... i can ping localhost... but i get nothing when clicking on safari..... i haven't tampered with anything either..... and considering it's mentioned that the AppleYukon drive is meant for Marvell 88E8053, it's rather strange..... someone help me please?? here's the product info: http://msicomputer.com/product/p_spec.asp?...o4_Platinum/SLI