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  1. Great job so far on the SNL + VMWstn7 combination, Donk - I installed it for a test with the new VM Tools and noticed a couple of things: WORKING 1. Software update to 10.6.1 2. VMW7 shared folders to host in R/W ( services.sh UID mod unnecessary ) 3. Login to host machine, NAS or other Samba servers on LAN in R/W 4. Bridged networking for internet 5. Copy/paste text is full duplex between Host <> VM 6. Stability is excellent for C2D cpu (avoiding use of XSlimmer + PathFinder) NOT WORKING RELIABLY 7. Fullscreen autoresize sometimes fails on restart for no apparent reason, reinstalling Tools fixes WORKING DIFFERENTLY 8. Alt/Command key is swapped with Win.Start/Fn (this confused me four days ";0) So keep it up and let us know if/how to support your efforts. Thanks. ============= PS for anyone wanting to convert SL_retail_DVD.dmg to .iso, use shareware UltraISO with simple CONVERT function
  2. Thanks you, keep the good work !
  3. Could you please up this driver to an open host and link here, as apple163 seemingly disallows non-member DL. Thanks.
  4. Convinced nothing can prossibly go wrong, I rashly updated VMWare Workstation 6.5.2 --> 6.5.3 without backing up my sweet-running VM OSX 10.5.8, now, as Murphy's Law dictates, on boot there is no sign of darwin, just "OS not found". Is there any way to recuperate this VM or extract some files from it before scrappage? TIA ======== PS: @ x4N70pHyLL check MagicISO to convert .DMG to .ISO http://www.magiciso.com/FAQ/FAQ0011.htm ... this worked for me to install retail 10.5.6 by Donk's method, updated to 10.5.8 w/o problems
  5. Superb work + beautiful guide, Donk, thanks muchly, will try it out ASAP What do you think are the prospects for SNLx64 in latest VMware Workstation on W7x64 ? Cheers, SW PS: errata for v1.1 ... 4.3 Sound ... "the only KNOW(N) driver" bottom of p.10: "This can ..." end of sentence MIA
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    HP Pavillion HDX 16

    iLOLz'd ... Patience my friend, I'm sure your tests for the Piggy Sneezels will turn out negative regarding your machine, good news and slightly ungood, but overall the hardware seems suited to OSx86 ... I use Dell Latitude e6400, which has same basic chipset and works very well and stable with 10.5.6 + AnV 9.6.0 kernel. The stuff I have not commented, I don't know about or are secondary problems. Overall, I use + would recommend "XxX 10.5.6" release from TPB if sleep is not important to you, but PM me if you want more detail. Cheers.