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  1. Wow 3.3 Patch Kernel

    Hi all was wondering if someone else is having an issue installing the 3.3 patch for wow. I got a vanilla installation and being running and updating wow with no problems. Today I downloaded the 3.3 patch and 5 seconds after i click the installation package for this update the machine just crashed with a kernel error. I tried 3 different sources for this update with the same results. Any ideas? Thanks. Found the solution. 1) Wait for the patch downloader to finish and check the patch integrity. After this finishes, your machine will kernel panic. Reboot. (see rationale at end of post) 2) Navigate to WorldofWarcraft/Patches/WoW-3.2.2-to-3.3.0-enUS-patch/ folder 3) Inside the WoW-3.2.2-to-3.3.0-enUS-patch folder there should be a few files, one of which is "Blizzard Updater" 4) Open the "Get Info" window on the Blizzard Updater file and check the box that says "Open using Rosetta". 5) Close the "Get Info" window. 6) Double-click the "Blizzard Updater" program, which should now successfully patch your WoW installation to 3.3.0.
  2. I was running Leopard perfect on GA-EP35C-DSR3 with Atkios and Chameleon until i decided to upgrade to Chameleon 2 RC2. After i rebooted im getting the following error can't find extension "com.jmicron.jmicronATA" Can someone help me on this. Thanks.