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  1. Device timeout block 0x0 sectors 0

    when you try f12 while booting- does it still indicate the right volume for booting? had some weird stuff going on here with my rig, this device timeout error was only one issue. might be something totally different, but i had to reinstall a new bootloader (aserebln 1.1.9 ). i assume a wrong bios setting (ram timings) messed up my hd every now and then, damaged hd structure, lost system files etc.
  2. just informational: i updated my mobo bios (see sig) to f6. works with d00ds dsdt mods as well as before. f5 gave probs with ocz vertex ssd- fixed now.
  3. an update on my story: finally i had success by installing the aserebln 1.1.9 bootloader. the bad thing: the reason for the messed up bootloader seems to be an incorrect hd-handling. every some shutdowns the harddrive's logic structure gets seriously damaged. guess the "boot" file got damaged this way too. repair needs to build up a new directory then each time. i remember such a behaviour from a mains power blackout... anyone ever experienced such a thing on their machines? this happened to two different drives, one samsung and one wd. so i don't hink it's about the drives. sorry for the lengthy post, and thanks (again) for your ideas on this. macke
  4. d00d& kdawg: thank you very much for your reply! i think i'll sink my canine teeth into the bootloader this weekend. i'll report my findings back, thanks for your support again! macke
  5. hi there, been using my kakewalk-hackintosh for some months now with good success. now all of a sudden: can't boot anymore, not even my backup disk does. booting stalls with "verifying dmi pool data". been fiddeling around for a day now. found a workaround: boot from a fresh kakewalk usb-thumbdrive, then right after passing by the "verifying dmi pool data" message hit any key, so i can choose any attached bootable osx-volume. works then. did some reading- i obviously need a new bootloader for my disks (no clue why tho' ) so my question: how can i safely install a new bootloader on my bootvolume? specs: ga-x58a-ud5 rev.1 , yet working with kakewalk 2.2 ga-x58-ud7. (guess it's not kakewalk specific) 10.6.4, i7 920, doods dsdt mod. help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.. EDIT: was suspecting a somehow faulty bios, reflashed it (same version f5), set up the bios from scratch: no change.
  6. germanicus, thanks for your reply :-) i didn't change any bootsettings so i believe i'm in 64.. will try 32. cards are an old pci gpu, the other is a pc card to pci adaptor.
  7. can't make my hackintosh make to see the pci-slot (not pcie). tried with two different cards- no luck. doesn't even show up in the system profiler... what can i do?
  8. first: mrjanek- great to have you back here! -external firewire seem to have a problem with the energy saving settings- when the ext fw hd is put to sleep it doesn't come back... i work around this prob with setting hd sleep to 'never'. -nobody else with the problem of none working pci? this bothers me most. mr janek- maybe you could have look? cheers anyway: macke
  9. after working for some hours with my system (see sig) some issues showed up: -pci slot (not pci e) is not recognized -esata (connected to front panel) doesn't work -external firewire behaves sloppy (stops working after some time) anyone with an idea, pls?
  10. bin ziemlich genervt- hab meine nvidia 9600gt (s. sig) in meinem system ersetzt mit einer gt120, da ich meinen trauerrand am hdtv nicht wegbekam. jetzt ist klar- an der karte lags nicht :-/ der hdtv (toshiba) läuft als hauptmonitor an meinem g5 ohne probleme- auflösung 1080p 60 hz. habs mit verschiedenen efi-strings für meinen hackintosh probiert, foren durchsucht- ich komm nicht weiter! das problem scheint mir schon beim booten des mainboards (vorm booten des kernels) zu entstehen: normalerweise erscheint zb der blinkende cursor beim hochfahren immer am äußersten linken rand des monitors, genauso wie die boot informationen. wenn mein system hochfährt, werden diese informationen schon mit ein paar cm abstand zum rand dargestellt. auch das graue apple boot logo spielt sich immer innerhalb dieser schwarzen ränder ab. switchresx sagt bei meiner user-einstellung 1920x1080 immer "nicht installiert (ungültig?)" bin um hilfe sehr verlegen- danke im voraus! gruß: die macke EDIT: so, ich habs!!! vielleicht hat jemand mal ein ähnliches problem, darum der nachtrag: ich weiß nicht genau, welchen einfluss die einzelnen schritte auf den erfolg haben- darum schreibe ich alles mit auf: beim ersten mal osx im safe-mode gebootet (-x). einen benq monitor per vga angeschlossen. nachdem ich mich angemeldet habe und der schreibtisch sich aufgebaut hatte, habe ich den hdtv per adapter angeschlossen. parallel zum vga out der graka (an dem der benq hängt) war dann der dvi out belegt, der per adapterkabel mit dem hdmi eingang vom tv verbunden war. nach zwei sekunden schwarz auf beiden monitoren zeigte sich der schreibtisch auf dem tv screen, der benq blieb schwarz. danach neugebootet (diesmal normaler boot), vorher den tv wieder abgeklemmt. nachdem der schreibtisch sich komplett aufgebaut hat, habe ich dann den tv direkt am hdmi ausgang der graka eingestöpselt. zwei sekunden schwarz, dann: beide monitore aktiv! im kontrollfeld nachgeschaut: der tv wird korrekt erkannt (als toshiba tv), 1080p @ 60hz ist automatisch angewählt. mit 'monitore anordnen' die menüleiste auf den tv screen gezogen. seitdem: boot mit dem benq als erstem monitor, nach anmeldung beide bildschirme nutzbar. petri dank...
  11. had a semi success here- tried it with with osx86tools. click: 'Add EFI Strings', then from the menu: 'GFX Strings'. In the pulldown menu i chose the last entry: 'Custom GeForce...' Then just fill in what you're asked, i think i chose dvi-i/ dvi-i on that particular part. then i clicked 'import string to boot editor' and finally 'apply changes to com.apple.Boot.plist' booting after this gave me video out over either dvi or hdmi. no two monitor outs at a time and with a wrong resolution. (wanting 1920x1080 for my toshiba tv-screen)
  12. hey there again, got my rig working so far except: using the digital outs (hdmi and/ or dvi) on my graphiccard won't allow me to attach my monitor with a 1080i resolution. it gives a blank screen after the apple bootscreen. seemingly a problem of my 9800gt gpu. anyone for a solution?
  13. ok, some experiences here- see my specs in the sig. after testing kakewalk 2.2 i started fiddeling with dsdt mods looking for sound out. some long nights later i'm back to the original kakewalk 2.2., running the ga-x58a-x7 install. still experiencing random kp stating acpi platform driver not found and others. i really doubt to make this machine my rig for work at this time... some thoughts about the x-58a-x7 install: -the smbios.plist says macpro 3,1- shouldn't it be 4,1? -anybody got the similar mainboard running with kakewalk 2.2 and has its pci slot working? (not the pcie- they work fine as far as i can tell) -sound: tried many different kexts like legacy applehda, voodoohda, tried dsdt hacks for the alc889- nothing helped (yes- using the kexthelper). BUT: it works now without any mod after reinstall on kakewalk 2.2 . i'm not sure, what it is- system profiler shows me a shortened audio device list (like in the end of rocketlynx post). the first time i became aware of the build in audio units in the audio pref pane was after resetting launch services with "cocktail". i wouldn't dare to call the audio problem "solved"- but if someone with this sound issue want to try it. google for "launch service reset"- a terminal cmd can do as well as cocktail. -system profiler still shows the wrong processor type, if someone has an idea... the least problem though.. reading a lot of misleading things about the GA-X58A-UD* i wished ppl would be more careful with the difference of a EX58* and X58A* boards. finally thanks again to mrjanek- your help is very welcome and of course still very needed (where are you btw? all fine hopefully!). same for the people who provided all those little tools and bits that also kakewalk benefits of. i would consider a donation for a little more support on this special mainboard. happy reading: macke
  14. orionone- thx for your answer :-) good to know you're fine with it on a *-ud7! i check this when i can spare some hours.
  15. hello world, since the thread title refers to the ga-x58a as well- none of the attached files in the first post seem to mirror this kind of board. i read d00ds note about the differences of ex58 series and the x58a. but as i read it, it only says ex58 boards differ a lot, x58a not so much. i read through almost every post here, the closest i could get were posts referring to audio probs of the x58a. also dood asks for a dsdt-file from the original f1 bios of the x58a- does that mean this part is under development and not yet to be used?! enlighten me please.