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    Realtek ALC 268 WORKING

    Works perfectly on HP DV 9000 as well. Thanks a lot!!!
  2. How did you do that? I have two drives, vista 1st on a laptop, so I can't physically change the drive order.
  3. bump I can't seem to get easybcd to find the secondary hard disk even though I select the correct drive letter in the settings. I tried the bcdedit method and that boots into darwin fine but the boot process stops at the grey screen. Will work some more on it and report back. Edit> Seems the chain0 / bcdedit method breaks my leopard install on the secondary disk. Booted fine at first from the dvd by entering rd=disk1s1. Didnt get a screenshot, but it stops at lines starting w mdnsresponder, hmmm. Know that's not very scientific
  4. But this would only work on a single drive install?
  5. babyBubba

    AppleHDA Patcher Results

    Computer Type: HP dv9000 Sound Card Vendor: Intel Sound Card Model: Intel High Definition Audio Vendor Id: 0x103C30CC Working: Built-in speakers Not Working: Mic, Headphones, Aux out Patcher Version used: 1.0 System Version: 10.5.5 obs: When audio is playing through jacks I only get repeated clicks every .5 seconds or so