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  1. positivo z77 working 90% audio wireless realtek lan usb dvd record touch pad (multitouch) card reader dual boot w windows 7 video board mirrage s3 just one display without QE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPDghbqlkfg&list=LLSSyW-8krRvZmQffFOEjfpA&index=1&feature=plpp_video
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    Tbm consegui de primeira em um note positivo z77. Fui clicando nas opções de personalizar a instalação (de acordo com o que eu conhecia de meu hardware) e para minha surpresa !!!! funcionou 99,9%. Só faltou a bendita camera bisomcam. mas de resto funcionando td. inclusive o multitouch. Abraços.
  3. OK MY IDENEB 10.5.5 IS INTALED. BUT I CANT HEAR MY AUDIO BOARD SOUND... MY MOTHER BOARD P5KPL/1600 LAN OK USB WIHT RUB 6 PORTS CPUS 4 CORES VIDEO 8800 GT AUDIO VIA VT1708B 8 -Channel High-Definition Audio CODEC Audio Jack-detect & Multi-Streaming Support S/PDIF Out connector NOT WORKING) TNX FOR ANY HELP...
  4. are you helpe-me with my quad core instalation? i have this: mboard P5QC video= GFORCE 9600 HD SATA 160 GB DVD WRITER SATA LG 4GB RAM MEMORY. DVD´S of systems = 10.5.4 iDENEB intel amd MAC OS X86 10.5.5 iDENEB INTEL AMD MAC OSX86 MAC OSX86 iKATOS 4.Li BUT I TRY INSTALL AND ON REBOOT STOP... TNX...