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  1. Well, to me it looks like this is just the "french" way of telling you that it's activated and ready for use. Maybe you could test it by rotating your display output and then check if it still says "rotation: géré" or something like activated. st
  2. I flashed it and it works. Just put the file on a USB stick and hit F8 in your BIOS to start Q-Flash. Unless you don't turn off your pc while doing it, there is pretty much no risk of getting a brick. Oh and thanks@koalala st
  3. @eastwind your link to the thread is wrong
  4. Ok, seriously this time Sound works, optical out works. I would have burnt the board if spdif didn't work, trust me ;-) Gbit Ethernet also worked for me while testing - I have it running on a 100mbit switch though at the moment. Dual Head - no idea, but probably not. I got rid of 99% of the audio/sleep issues (except for something called "fmickey driver...") when disabling hdmi audio support in bios. I have a new audio kext now but haven't tried to turn on hdmi audio yet... wonder what will happen. Oh and one more thing - don't forget a good cpu cooler in your hardware list. Most of the bigger ones will work passively if you got a good airflow in your case. st
  5. You forgot: MacOS 10.5.6 - $110 Apple iLife - $90 Makes it more expensive
  6. I'd say save the money and go with your gigabyte board. I have this board running as a plex media center, usenet client and small server. It has everything I want and works perfectly with 2GB - except for two things that I'd like to see improved: 1) HDMI Audio 2) Wake on LAN I don't know if the Asus board can do this though. st
  7. @tmongkol Thanks for looking into this. It's just sad that you don't have the board to test it. But since you seem to be one of the guys who know something about audio kexts etc, do you think it is possible to have HDMI audio somehow ? thanks, st
  8. Thank you for sharing. All I heard so far is that this must be good, but no real answers to these questions: - Does HDMI Audio work ? - Does Wake-on-LAN work ? - Will the system be stable with more than 2GB RAM ? - Does sleep work ? Yes, that will most likely solve your problem
  9. Actually I found google translation to be surprisingly good but I couldn't get any useful information as to how and what they did that was so revolutionary... As much as I welcome any improvements, I still doubt that it'll be a 100%. My hackintosh is about 500miles away atm so I can't test this. st
  10. That's already been discussed. It says "Improve dual BIOS compatibility" - means no important changes, unfortunately. st
  11. Yup, at least I got this error after installing with pacifist (and applying the .5.6 update with pacifist). Vanilla install to usb went fine.
  12. I didn't really follow the whole osxinstall.mpkg story because I have the original mb and disc - but isn't Signal64's patched one only removing the model check ? That would mean absolutely nothing is changed except for a "nagscreen". st
  13. Congratulations to your NForce Driver :-) I have to tell you though that I keyboard is working without a problem after sleep. I already had a big MS and some 5€ keyboard and they both didn't have to be reconfigured. Sorry that I can't give you a solution. st
  14. Ethernet works for me after sleep. So at the moment, this board is a pretty good base for a small htpc like I have. If you need a machine to work on there are better solutions atm. But I really hope that those issues will be resolved soon. st
  15. I had the same problem. Saw the new version and just had to update. Then I installed 0.62.7 again and that worked fine. st