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  1. Can you still use either WEP or WPA? Is the following what you have? http://www.meritline.com/ieee-802-11g-wire...---p-26398.aspx Thank you in advance.
  2. Help with Inspiron 630m

    Strangely enough, the installation DVD does not work anymore. Now I encounter "unable to mount /dev/disk0s1 (status code 0x00000047)" whenever I try to install Tiger. Now I am without OS X. I think it has something to do with hard drive partition. When I have different partition, it sometimes say "cannot find System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/NetInfo.framework/Resources/lookupd/Agents/DS.bundle/DS" with the same error message above with disk0s1 replaced with disk0s2. I should have sticked wiith what I had.
  3. Help with Inspiron 630m

    I got 630m today. As soon as I got it, I installed 8f1099 without any problem. It takes forever (about an hour) to install it. I read somewhere I can boost it by changing a few configs in BIOS, but I don't remember where it was. Anyway, the result is: LCD: CI and QE are activated without any manual tuning. But, sometimes I see blue screen only. Someone pointed it's because laptop dynamically allocates VRAM. Whenever I get my laptop started without blue screen VRAM says 256M. I need to figure this out. USB: This is pain. I can't get my mouse to work. In the system profiler, it says USB is working, but the mouse does not. Any suggestion? Device ID: 0x265c, Revision ID: 0x0003, PCI Vendor ID: 0x8086 Audio: Audio does not work. I thought they use the same one as i6000, but it uses Sigmatel 9200. I read somewhere that Sigmatel 9220 works, but Sigmatel 9230 does not. I wonder if I ever can fix it. Any suggestion? Wireless: It does not pick it up. It's Intel Wireless connected by mini-pci or something like that, I think. Any suggestion? LAN: Fortunately, it does work. Sleep/Wake: When I make it sleep, it does. When I wake it up, it does but keyboard and trackpad doesn't work. Basically, it is useless.