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  1. TC Konnekt 24D - Firewire - Problem

    Ok, I finally made it worked. It turns out that the ST-LAB card is not compatible with the TC konnekt 24D. I tested 3 cards with 3 different chipset: ST-LAB F132 (NEC chipset), did not work. Sound dropouts! ST-LAB F161 (TI chipset), same problem here. SDM PCI Firewire (Via Chipset), works 100%!!! The cheapest card (40$) worked, while the two other st-labs that cost twice as much sucked pretty bad. I dont recommend ST-LABs.
  2. TC Konnekt 24D - Firewire - Problem

    I did some more researching.. I tried installing kalyway 10.5.2 on my AMD X2 4200+ computer, this has a Gigabyte Mainboard with TI firewire chipset included. The strange thing is that nothing works, no network, no usb, but except for the TC konnekt 24D. This somehow works??? The sound plays and I no longer get the Firewire dropouts. LoL. Maybe i will use this as my hackintosh from now on, but I thought Intel was suppose to run better.. hrm . Anyone running Logic pro with a AMD cpu?
  3. Hi all! I have a TC konnekt 24D which i can not make it work properly. I get sound stuttering and dropouts all the time. My system is: HP workstations xw6200, 1 GB ram STLAB firewire PCI card (Using TI chipset) TC konnekt 24D with the latest MAC OSX drivers and firmware. Kalyway 10.5.2 (Default install, everything works except TC konnekt 24D) TC konnekt 24D has been reported as fully working with a Hackintosh, thats why I bought this soundcard. But now it turns out to be a nightmare for me. Please help!!