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  1. P5Q & 10.6.1 Retail

    Have anyone did a sucesfull update to 10.6.2 ? I blocked update till hear if it is safe. Hope someone have one install to spare. If not, I will backup and try. Sorry I didn't understand you? You want my DSDT? Here you go . But don't have high hopes, I have 8800GT and P5Q-E with 1901 moded BIOS. It might not work for you. dsdt.aml.zip
  2. I hate this forum software

    Scroll up to frist post and you will see "Options" button, right under "new topic" buton. Click on it and then click "Stanadrd" in drop down menu.
  3. BootCDMaker

    Thanks for the reply I managed do make BooCD.iso somehow. But not to boot. Could not fix the alias to point inside the .app, so I opened .app contents in finder and stuffed all those things in Extra folder without using that alias. Then I run the and build the ISO successfully. But now it wont boot. I have .DS_Store files inside BootCD and Preboot.dmg. They showed up because I used damn Finder. Can they be the reason? When I try to boot, it starts, that line spins some time and then starts throwing errors. I think it says there is no ramdrive and then errors start appearing. Now I dumped boot disc from CD to hardrive to see if is readable. And it is readable. It is not a bad disc, something other is wrong. And CDs are not very cheap -------- EDIT: I have built Boot CD again but this time without Chameleo GUI and now it boots fine .
  4. BootCDMaker

    Did anyone managed to make BootCD with this? I just tried and could not make. First, Extra Contents is an Alias linking to destop folder of user Tom. Probably wont work because my name is not Tom . I fixed alias to link existing folder on my computer, then copied Extensions folder form Extras in that folder. And then I copied mach_kernel , dsdt.aml and boot.plist. When I start building proces I always get this 24-09-18:31:26: #### Boot CD Maker starting process #### 24-09-18:31:29: Work folder created 24-09-18:31:29: Work folder populated 24-09-18:31:29: ## Mkext creation starting ## 24-09-18:31:31: Can't stat /Applications/BootCDMaker_1.2/BootCDMaker.app/Contents/Resources/Scripts/Preboot/Extra/Extensions - No such file or directory. 24-09-18:31:31: ## Mkext creation finished ## 24-09-18:31:31: ### File consistancy check failed / Extensions or mkext required ### 24-09-18:31:33: Process aborted / Cleaning up work folder If someone knows what is the problem, please tell me .
  5. Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    Thanks, I tried and it works well. First I tried in /Extra/Extensions, but wont work. Second I tried copying it in S/L/E via Finder, and still nothing. Then I used Kexthelper B7, and it worked. I duno how it wont work via Finder, because kexthelper does the same thing . But most important thing is that I do not have to buy PCI LAN card now .
  6. Marvell Yukon 8001 - the driver

    I have P5Q-E board with Marvell 88E8056 and 88E8001. Using Snow Leopard Retail. First NIC work with IONetworkingFamily.kext, but 80001 does not work. So, wil this kext help? Can I put it in Extra/Extenssions to be loaded by chameleon, or i have to go to S/L/E ? Thanks.
  7. P5Q & 10.6.1 Retail

    ^ Yup, that image.
  8. P5Q & 10.6.1 Retail

    I made it. It works. First of all, that Boot CD does not work with P5Q-E from some reason. I bought SATA DVD RW for nothing, it would not boot. I had to improvise. Because I already have iDeneb on separate hard drive, it was easy. Restored image on empty partition, and copied contents of boot CD to that partition. Then i restarted and Boot CD worked from partition. I started install from partition, and instaled it. Later was I instaled Chameleon 2.0 RC3 and struggled with kexts. And now all works except some annoyances. I restart/shutdown does not work. I used OpenHaltRestart.kext but as soon I apply GFX string for mu 8800GT, it stops working. Other thing is that other LAN controler does not work and I need it. Does someone know how to fix this on P5Q-E?
  9. P5Q & 10.6.1 Retail

    I trided with bootCD again, and now it starts loading but restarts when i remove CD. I still can't boot to Retail DVD . Any thoughts? It won't work, Asus has made it incompatible on purpose. But Juzzi fixed Asus' screw-up, so if you use that BIOS it will work.
  10. P5Q & 10.6.1 Retail

    That BootCD does not work for me. I burned the ISO and tried, but computer starts ti load it and than disk stops. Then spins a few times more, and eventually stop for ever. Do you think it is because PATA DVD drive or because BootCD is for Asus P5Q and not P5Q-E which I have? Any hope to work with PATA?
  11. P5Q & 10.6.1 Retail

    Is there any success with P5Q-E?
  12. Adobe TV problem

    So it is not possible to have both LAN port working with something newer than 10.5.6? Thats bad... I need both because of home network. I will probably get PCI or PCI-E x1 NIC card... Thanks for those files
  13. Adobe TV problem

    Me too, I did not know that Adobe Media Player exist until damn thing opened downloaded .swf on double-click and restarted my router in the process. Then this thread flashed through my mind . I still use iDeneb v1.4, did't update. I decided to stick with 10.5.6 until Snowy. The skge.kext works fine exept this issue. I tried reinstalling flash player (intel version), it was still same. But this morning, sound on you tube miraculously started working again (unrelated with reinstaling flashplayer, that was before). Adobe TV still don't work. It seems I only encounter very strange problems with OS X. I might try with 10.5.8 in a few days... can you send me that modified .kext for network? I tried updating to 10.5.7 once, but end up losing network and could not fix it. Do both of Ethernets ports work for you? Thanks for help
  14. Adobe TV problem

    I accidentally found out what's the problem. (But not the solution ) It is Adobe Media player. I tried to play downloaded .swf file from lynda.com and, Adobe media player was opening it, and ruter restarted again. And file did not play. Now I deleted Adobe Media player from /Applications/Adobe folder, and now adobeTV do not restart ruter. But clips do not play either, it locks on start of the movie and when I click play nothing happens. And I have one biger problem now... No sound on you tube. I don't know if is related, but yesterday there was sound on you tube, now same clip do not have sound. When I restart in Linux, sound is OK. I think that sound issue showed up little before I deleted tha Adobe Media Player (it was orange icon with movie tape) so probably is not related with first problem. Oh, I forgot to mention, sound works fine within OS X system and .swf plays fine with VLC (when .swf file is downloaded) but I dont know how to play online .swf files which can't be downloaded. Any thougts?
  15. SMC Fan Control

    So there is no way to control fan speed on Hackintosh? My 8800GT is very hot...