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  1. Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Any chance of getting mfiutil binary?
  2. Booting

    OMG, OMG, OMG.. That is soo.. I mean, so ... That so annoying. Can you think of solution? NO I can't, I did SEARCH, I did google.. BUt I didn't find anything about PSYSTAR OPEN HALT RESTART stuff, yet alone about OpenHaltRestart.kext that 80% of h/s users are using. Hmmm.. No, i think kext solution is so lame, I will dig more into DSDT stuff, and come out with proper fix for my shutdown problem.. Naah, sorrry, I'm just (drunk) dreaming...
  3. I can also report same problem with MBP 13" on Samsung T240 connected over miniDP - DVI interface. However, it happens every now and then after screen was sleeping (computer itself never sleeps). Sometimes the screen comes up completely black, but often I have Snow. Happened with 10.5, and also with 10.6 now. Interesting is that external display has never worked without this since I got miniDP-DVI interface. Earlier I had problems too but not every time with MacMini on same display. I'd just love to know if its software or hardware flaw. Can anyone experiencing this problem can test for example windows or linux behavior on same configuration? I don't have anything but Mac OS.
  4. I've got one MacPro case (it was G5 I think) which has serial number printed on it, that I will use for my next hackintosh build. If I use that number for smbios stuff, would it make it at least a bit more 'real' mac, or legal. What are your thoughts about how much parts of original genuine Apple hardware needs to be inside, to make it real mac? I presume motherboard counts a big share, but anyway... I'm just interested in random thoughts, and maybe some experiences.
  5. Go with Retail DVD install.