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  1. Could you boot into OSX after it installed? I have a similar nettop (Atom, Nvidia ION) and after a lot of pain I was able to get the setupscreen. It installed all fine, but after a reboot it never booted into OS X I used this tutorial btw http://pastebin.com/Pkn7FB7z
  2. Hey guys, Normally I don't resolve to an option like opening a topic for such a common problem, but I have no choice as my headache's getting worse every second. I have gone through a lot of topics with the same problem, but with no help. I have an Asrock ION330 Pro on which I'd like to install Mountain Lion. It has the following specs: Atom 330 dualcore @ 1,6 GHz 2GB ram NVIDIA ION GPU After following this guide http://pastebin.com/Pkn7FB7z I succesfully installed Mountain Lion. I needed to use the following parameters though: -v -x -f npci=0x3000 GraphicsEnabler=Yes UseKernelCache=No Just after part 6 of the tutorial it says that I need to boot in my freshly new installed Mountain Lion OS. I boot with -v and after a while the letters go away (so no problems i guess) and my display goes all black. Nothing. The display doesn't go to sleep so it must've been getting some sort of signal. After all the topics I've looked at I think it must be because my GPU isn't supported or something. I tried booting with GraphicsEnabler=No and still no luck. What do you think the problem could be?
  3. Hi all, I had an Acer Aspire One with windows xp installed on it. I made a new partition and installed xXx 10.5.6 on it. Everything went ok. no problems. However.. I couldn't boot into OSX from the HDD (blinking underscore). I was told to make the partition active. I did and there came the boot0 error. I did fixmbr and fixboot from the xp setup-cd to go back to my windows xp os. Stupid as i am, i did this while partition 2 (mac osx) was active. so i screwed up my windows boot. The only way i can boot now, is into osx with the dvd. During the installation I also formatted XP. As you can see, i have NO boatloader, NO xp and NO idea of wth i'm doing. I have 3 partitions. 1)acer eRecovery blablabla 2)windows xp 3)OSX 10.5.6 when partition 1 is active i get the recovery assistant who installs XP on partition 2 (C:) when partition 2 is active i get the "no operating system found" error when partition 3 is active i get the flashing underscore and when osx-dvd is in the tray, it boots into OSX. So can PLEASE someone help me installing some kind of bootloader which will dual boot xp and osx from HDD.
  4. Hi i'm trying to install osx86 on my pc using VMware. Everything goes fine. no root device error (what i had on my previous pc). it passes all the code. i nice blue background shows up with 'iDeneb' in the lower right corner. my rainbow-circle-mouse-pointer-thing is spinning. and i'm waiting. i'm waiting. and waiting. the circle keeps on spinning for ever. and the background remains the same. i guessed i have to wait a little longer, so i left the pc on for a couple of hours. I came back and found out that nothing has changed. just before i go to the installation-wizard it get's stuck. (see attached screenshot) any help? intel p4 3,2 ghz sse2 sse3 supported. 1gb ram 250 HDD: 4 partitions (1:windows xp, 2:vista, 3:7, 4:mac) nvidia 7300gs 512mb VMware workstation 6.5