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  1. HWSensors

    I looked in the RadeonX.kext code, and there's only code for monitoring temperature, but nothing else. So it's not possible until some develops the code to do it.
  2. HWSensors

    I'd like to try to help and get a configuration for the Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 motherboard (w/ITE8728), but I'm not sure how best to go about doing it since I don't own a copy of Windows to install on it (all of the programs you list for dumping the values for are Windows-based and the BIOS seems to be missing a number of the voltages.) Is there any other good way of going about it? Thanks and keep up the really great work on this project!
  3. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    After struggling for the past day and a half to get IOUSBFamily (385.4.1) building on Snow Leopard 10.6.2 (it's ridiculous, but the sources from Apple have blatant bugs in them from preventing compiling right out of the box), I was finally able to get IOUSBFamily built and get Slice's patches integrated in the updated Snow Leopard sources of IOUSBFamily. However, even though I can compile it just fine and get it to load and recognize my DQ45CB's USB devices (which are ICH10R-based (the Device IDs aren't present in the vanilla IOUSBFamily.kext from Apple so I needed this fix)) - there's definitely bugs in it. I noticed when I have two devices plugged into a Hub it sometimes hangs the initialization of USB (taking a long time to come up) or just won't initialize properly at all. Other times it works just fine with only a slight delays for initialization by 10-15 seconds. I'm using darwinbuild to build the kits (somewhat buggy to get working and probably would have spent less time building directly from Xcode/root environment), but I would be happy to supply my diff to anyone who wants to look at it. To tell you the truth, I really don't understand the code well enough to fix this, but I'll try to look through it again tomorrow to see if there's anything obvious I'm missing (since the code bases are somewhat different than the original code.) It could be some of the patches aren't valid for this version and need to be pulled out (I'll try to play around with it over the next week.) It will be a real shame if I can't get this working 100%, because everything else works just fine on the DQ45CB without a single issue or a lot of changes (haven't tried sleep yet, although I wouldn't use it anyway) including audio (VoodooHDA), networking (Intel82566MM), SATA (AHCIPortInjector) and even the DSDT is error free (and didn't require any significant patching.) Finally, I did have a bit of trouble getting the system installed since I couldn't get USB working so I ended up doing it from CD using EmpireEFI (since USB wasn't working) and then I switched back to vanilla Chameleon RC4 for the running system in case anyone cares. (Also, the system type that worked for me was MacPro3,1.) Either way, I'm attaching the modified IOUSBFamily.kext (built from Snow Leopard 10.6.2 sources) just in case someone wants to play it (but please be warned - it's not perfect so don't blame me if something happens to your system because of it.) Maybe for you it will work just fine. Good luck with it. IOUSBFamily.kext.zip