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  1. if you could provide details it would really be great!!!! i have a vostro 1400 as well but mine has an nvidia card... i have all working except shutdown / restart and sleep / trackpad scrolling Thanks, Jay
  2. I had been running JaS 10.4.8 for almost 2 years on my dell Dimension E510 with Intel Pentium D processor. I had an application that needed 10.4.9 or better, and I tried to update but hosed it. I lost my JaS disk and the only ones I had was Uphuck and mac.nub. Uphuck refused to install, mac.nub installed correctly and after adding a few kexts all is working except the CPU fan is running constantly like it usually does when I am burning videos etc... The JaS version seemed to turn this on and off as needed, but this one does not. How can I put that back to normal? Thanks, J do i have to add or remove kexts to ahve the CPU gan act as it did in 10.4.8 ?
  3. pcharles25, nice choice on the hardware! - i have a similar rig only i got it from the Dell outlet ($250) w/ the same components you mention, and yes it is a screammer.. back to the old question - are you paying a premium for the "nice white box"
  4. anyone know what this error means? my thinkpad t-60 sleeps finr but on wakeuo i get the following: Error 0192: System Security - Embedded Security Hardware tamper detected" and get beeps any thoughts on how to fix this? this is the one thing keeping the ThinkBook from being 100% ThinkBook T-60 Intel Centrino Duo (both cores working) Intel 950 GMA (works perfectly) AzaliaSound (works perfectly) DVD Player (works perfectly) Wireless (swapped intel for atheros mini-PCI - works perfectly) Sleep (sleeps fine, just can't wake up)
  5. i have to say i droool over apple products at the apple store, compusa or where ever.... plus it's easier to scout "open box buys" at compusa, and hopefully best buy...
  6. jtwh20

    What Linux Distro Would you reccommend for me?

    id go with ubuntu or pclinuxos of course you can never go wrong with slackware
  7. jtwh20

    UPHUCK 10.4.9 v1.4i DVD

    Kudos to UPHUCK - this release rocks!! Installed on my t-60 all appears to be working!! Thanks
  8. i'd have to say intel as well - thats the direction that apple had been going in even before the announcement to intel the only machines that REALLY had any power in the last few years from apple have been the G5's and those were only available in imac and powermac format. (i always wished they made the powerbook with a G5) I have an ibook G4 1.33 1gb RAM (last ones before the switch to intel) and it is a dooog, i see that darn pinwheel or beachball on it all the time.... Similar to vista leopard will raise the abr even higher - i'd guess whats bearable on my G4 today, could be unbearable on that same box with leopard... my 2 cents
  9. jtwh20


    i used to use Camino religously - then i tried Flock, (based on firefox) and haven't looked back
  10. jtwh20

    strange error message in 10.4.7 JaS

    **** Update**** Looks like you can't put a trumoble card in an IBM - got an error from the "thinkpad" telling me there was an unauthorized card - please remove the card and restart time to find a lenovo card
  11. jtwh20

    What is in your Dock?

    Finder Dashboard Mail App Flock Browser iTunes iWeb Toast Unison Text Edit MS Word About Trash
  12. jtwh20

    strange error message in 10.4.7 JaS

    yep - i've got the same issue - my truemoble card should be here today, so the only thing left is sleep. any help on this would be greatly appreciated!! Thinkpad T-60 Intel Centrino Duo (both cores working) Intel 950 GMA (works perfectly) AzaliaSound (works perfectly) DVD Player (works perfectly) Wireless (truemoblie on the way) Sleep (sleeps fine, just can't wake up)
  13. jtwh20

    Most addictive Mac games

    1) Frozen Bubble 2) Bejeweled 2 3) Bookworm
  14. Saw this last night... What flavor of linux is this, or is this just a Hollywood OS?
  15. jtwh20

    Strange issue with streaming audio

    found the answer --- Turn on Create streaming movie in the Flip4Mac Prefpane i had actually thought of turning this on, but it seems like it is MORE related to straming video...