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  1. New Graphic Card on Old Mobo

    Pardon me for bring up this thread again. Can anyone point me where to look for enabling the HDMI audio on the Effoxpro 210 GT in either El Capt or Sierra? Thanks.
  2. Stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport

    it's already has npci=0x2000. But I notice there are some boot args that is dismissed after change the SMBIOS to iMac10,1. I need to see it in detail when I have spare time.
  3. Stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport

    The new GPU is Effoxpro 210GT. Currently I've restore the old config.plist with MacPro3,1 and it can boot normally again without nv_enable nor nv_disable boot args. So I'm pretty much sure there's something not compatible in the config.plist that prevents the kext detection. But I'm still curious about Sierra. Later on, I'd like to try exchanging the Mac model once more then post here the differences.
  4. Dear All, After successfully resurrect my old rig that got struck by lightning (thanks to all the supportive members in this forum ), I have an itch to upgrade it to Sierra. Since my rig is used to be MacPro3,1 which is no longer supported, I change the My Mac info to iMac10,1 using Clover Configurator and the download of the Sierra installer can be started. But since the speed on my network is very slow, I decided to continue it another day. The next day when my daughter want to use my PC, the boot stuck at 'Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport'. Wait for ages with no sign of continuing the process. Tried with nv_disable and nv_enable, and nv_inject with no success. So today, I have my HDD brought together with me to my office to see what can be done offline with the config.plist or FakeSMC.kext in order to pass the booting sequence. But to do this, I need any direction from members of this forum once more.
  5. Enable GT 210 HDMI Audio

    Hi all, Since I just resurrect my old rig using this graphic card, I'm expecting a solution for the HDMI sound if any. I hate to use again the audio jack since the HDMI audio used to work fine in Mavericks, and my wall is already messy with cables anywhere. I'm currently on process of downloading Sierra.
  6. New Graphic Card on Old Mobo

    Since it's just my assumption that the damaged one is the GPU, so I choose the cheapest one: Effoxpro 210 GT.
  7. New Graphic Card on Old Mobo

    it's alive...!!! [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  8. New Graphic Card on Old Mobo

    I'm not a heavy gamer. Just a basic user. Also since the OSX support on C2D processor is getting fewer and fewer, I don't think spending much on graphic card for such an old rig is going to be worthy enough anyway. But I'll look forward for all the suggestion above, and put them into consideration. Thanks.
  9. New Graphic Card on Old Mobo

    Thanks for valuable information. GT750 Ti doesn't seems to be available anywhere near my living. So I'll look for GT740 or 640. Would it be a problem if previously the size was 1GB (DDR2) then I plug in 2 or more GB (DDR3 or DDR5) into it?
  10. New Graphic Card on Old Mobo

    Dear All, My many years old PC got stroke by lightning on November last year. I'm pretty much sure the damage is only on the graphic card (based on previous thunder strike cases). But it's difficult now to find any new nor even second handed Pixelview 9500gt to replace the burnt one. Can anyone suggest what is the OOB graphic card which is compatible with aging mobo (LGA775) as my P41T-ES3G v1? The processor is still C2D E7500. My x86 was running Yosemite at the moment it got stroke by lightning. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Way to go! Have a nice weekend and good luck on your final.
  12. Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Just would like to inform, after update to 10.7.3, the Chameleon Wizard 3.4.6 started to crashing everytime it's connected successfully to Buildbot. Attached is the crash log. Thank you for your effort on this great tool. Chameleon Wizard_2012-02-03-204821.crash.zip
  13. GeForce 9500 GT driver

    Are you using patched DSDT? Re-installed the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] with 64-bit Apple Boot Screen in the boot option, then run the permission repair and reboot. It should work OOB.
  14. New features for Chameleon Preference Pane

    COOL!! The r372 is running smoothly now! Thanks rekursor for all your efforts.
  15. New features for Chameleon Preference Pane

    Hi rekursor, I've pm you the *again* failed result. Thanks.