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  1. I have also managed to update from 10.6.2 all the way to 10.6.7 I left it way way to long, but finally decided I would take the plunge. Everything seems fine so far.
  2. Long time no talk 10.6.3 just released! Any takers... I may be able to do some tests this weekend!
  3. Weird thats the 2nd time I have read that someone cannot make a new post!
  4. that's because istat is reading core temp and the bios does not! Core temp is always higher! Also are you using disabler.kext or vanilla powermanagent ? P and c states in dsdt ?
  5. yeah could be server related... You'd have to play around unless someone else knows...
  6. Well what's your MB ? and what kexts are in Extensions or Extensions.mkext ?
  7. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    How do we get rid of a assertion errors at boot ? Can we do that with just dsdt ?
  8. HELP I am a little stuck here..... machine was working fine, but I was testing what I think may have or is a problem with sleep. Anyhow I booted into the bios and since then my machine won't boot KP everytime. Even my USB booter KP's and what's weird is the kernel panic is unknown.... what gives ? I can't boot with at all..... what the heck ? OK scratch that! I just fully reset the bios. "load optimized defaults" and set the default up and I booted fine. Honestly I don't know what was different and what would not let me boot KP everytime..... phew I was scared! never had such issues
  9. If your talking to me? No I have not, but I am not the one with the issue.... I am not 100% convinced this will help me out right now. I will give it a shot though soon. Let's see what happens to the other user
  10. I am hoping my BT will work as it does now in 10.6.3. Didn't these dongles get worse in 10.6 ...... compared to 10.5....
  11. Hmm now what makes you think it's that kext ? I modded my BT Dong into my case and I thought maybe I was getting some interference. Sometimes the only way to get rid of that jumping of the pointer I would have to shutdown my machine, but I mean shutting it right now, turn the power switch off the PSU. I have since moved the location of the dongle and have not had any issues ... Could you elaborate on that kext or where did you find this info ? I really want some solid info and with all the tests I have done I am not quite convinced... PS. Just noticed your in Florida. Hows the weather ?
  12. Jerking? do you mean if you lift the mouse a little the pointer will shoot to somewhere else on the screen ?
  13. Latest bios for EP45-UD3P Rev1.6, BIOS FD has Quickboot, but smbios will not load with it enabled.... soo yeah.
  14. Hmmm you know I think I did do one update. I can't recall if I did more than one though. I had an update for Lexmark drivers showing, but I downloaded the update manually and installed it. Also now sure if I did that before or after tweaking the BT kext.... Sorry pretty vague I know! BTW Wake from sleep is greyed out again in BT, I came home and started the computer.... Thats it.