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  1. Ok. Thanks, I Test this one, and nothing. Best solution from now is DSDT from your dell (have a white screen) all DSDT from me give me a nothing. I think that is the mission imposible to make Yosemite on my Dell T5400. I will see to change my comp for some newer. Thanks for your advice..
  2. Hi Chris1111 I trying all day and dont have a good result, I make my own DSDT from windows and I try to compile this to dont have erroer in the Mac IASL and i cant to do this. I will put my DSDT.bin (on mac need to rename extension to .aml) here and if you can to compile this DSDT and put back on the forum Thanks, Goran DSDT.rar
  3. Ok. I will try today without DSDT.aml with this flag, I trying last night with my own maked DSDT.aml but all the same. Thanks
  4. OK I will do It now that, I don't have PEG and HPET options in bios this is some a11 version of Dell bios for t5400 workstation. Here is a link of video I saved with -v boot https://youtu.be/TGymNs66TE4
  5. well. I using your method and install Yopsemite on my Dell T5400, when I try too boot first time like you write I have a white screen, I put -x (safe boot) and make boot in safe mode successful. After that I istal your post istall file, and try to boot from my hard drive and also haved white screen. I tested many boot flasg combination but I don't be a successful, I think I have a problem with my gtraphics (card is vision tech amd radeon 6950/70 (dual bios). Can I make some screen shot from safe boot login (I/o explorer or some) to put here to you can see where is the problem?
  6. I try and I don't have success, I can only boot with safe boot (-x) do I have some method when I logen with safe boot to can see how to inspect where is the problem? Thanks
  7. Hi Chris1111, I trying to install on my dell T5400 and whne I Install an making first boot I have wthie screen on my monitor. Is this something to on PCIRootUID error or....? Thanks, Goran
  8. ATI Radeon HD 2600 on Snow Leopard

    What do you think about the issue with the ATI HD2600 XT card, whether it will be resolved soon or to change card?