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  1. MSI Wind 2finger scroll

    wow ... bin grad drüber gegstolpert .. hätt ich gar nicht gedacht .. http://forums.msiwind.net/mac/two-finger-s...ling-t3267.html
  2. Using NTFS-Partitions in osx

    i had some problems with mac fuse ntfs 3g. but paragon ntfs work very well ! also you can use macdrive for windows to use you hfs partitions in win ....
  3. installed the voodoo kernel ... fixed the problem
  4. Hi, i have some problems after updating my system from 10.5.4. to 10.5.5. and also to 10.5.6. My audio sounds crackely and stutters (Azalia / USB Sound). All Systemanimations run strange faster than before ... VLC Player, too!? Whats the reason? Can anybody help me? cheers
  5. Solved DVI Output (NVCAP) on 8400 GS

    works great ... but i have problems. after running a fullscreenapp it didn't switch back to normal resolution. only get a blue screen. ???!
  6. asus network adapter 802.11n

    WORKS!! . . . thanks for your help.
  7. Solved DVI Output (NVCAP) on 8400 GS

    yeah ... i must try this!