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  1. Shuttle SG31G2 BIOS Settings

    I have a SG31g2 as well and I had 10.5.8 installed and I could install 10.6 using that install on a different drive, however I can't seem to create a CD boot disc that will boot the installer. When I get to the chameleon boot screen I put the Retail CD disc in and boot it starts and then the computer just reboots. Any chance you can share your boot disc or let me know what setting you are using? I don't know if it is related, but I thought it was something with AHCI as well. My hard drives are SATA but my CD/DVD drive is IDE. I have a separate hard drive that has XP and I can't seem to boot that from Chameleon I select XP and the computer just reboots. IF I set that drive to the 1st drive (bypass chameleon) in bios XP boots fine. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!
  2. Shuttle SG31G2 Install

    VGA resume off and I have my setting on S3. Hope that helps.
  3. Shuttle SG31G2 Install

    Arthur1 - Shutdown and Restart work great with the above file, but I can't wake from sleep. The fan on the video card goes but nothing on the screen. Any ideas? What are the extensions that you have in the EFI/Extension folder. I have tried the DSDT patcher but still no luck. Thanks for the help! EDIT: Never mind, it was a bios setting that was causing the problem (VGA resume S3 needed to be disabled) Wake works now.
  4. Shuttle SG31G2 Install

    Guys when you check the logs in the console are you getting UUID error 35? I think that has something to do with why Timemachine is not working. I think this link has a fix (post#15). I haven't tried it yet... http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...st&p=966847
  5. Shuttle SG31G2 Install

    Thanks guys I now have ethernet working and my 8800GT via an EFI string via the com.apple.Boot.plist from my EFI partitions. Do you guys have problems with sleep, shutdown and restart? I can't seem to wake it from sleep. What other kext are you using for your setup (SG31G2)? Thanks.
  6. Shuttle SG31G2 Install

    arthur1: I have a similar setup with an SG31G2 and I am having a problems with the network. Could you tell me what exactly you did with this comment? I did modified the Yukon2 but still no luck. Thanks!