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  1. neonflx

    AppleHDA for El Capitan discussion

    I'm at a lost, I have the alc668 on an asus q550lf laptop with Intel HD4400, also has a Nvidia 745M but doesn't work, I have El Capitan install and everything works with the exception of the auido, I been trying AppleHDA patcher but can't seem to get it to work, I'm not using a dsdt (not sure how to), can anyone point me to some reading where i can figure out how to make the audio work, thanks
  2. neonflx

    10.5.5 Yukon problems (P5LD2)

    i'm having the same issue, any suggestions?
  3. neonflx

    [RETAIL GUIDE] ASUS M50SV Notebook

    i have an M50SV and i was able to install ideneb 1.3 the problem is my network card is not working, i use the kext file mentioned here, installed it using kext helper and then ran onyx to fix permissions still network not present, during installation i checked yukonapple for the network driver, my bios is not moded. what am i missing? thanks for any suggestions