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  1. that's good! as I've been out of the hackintosh practice for a while I think I'll wait for the input from djouija before join you in this journey
  2. WOW! this laptop is still kicking, I'm sure also the others that already succede are looking for your version of the story, this is cool.
  3. Hey seems like the post from @quamiensuongtrang just disappeared... anybody knows why? I'm going to explore this option too, the original post of @quamiensuongtrang was this in the quote: I would also like to change the name of the thread topic in "10.11 EL CAPITAN on Dell Precision M6400 (work in progress)" but I don't know how... maybe I've to ask some moderator also to move the thread in the right section so we are easier to find...
  4. Sorry guys, my laptop is away from me, I left in a conference because it was doing YT streaming for client and still I have to get it back.. I tried to switch to clover but I was always doing something wrong with it... so I wondered the same as c0ke... I think I'm gonna stick with Yosemite also because all the Mac owner I know are quite pissed off by the new update!
  5. So looks like we should move to Clover somehow...
  6. el Capitan! 10.10.5 was quite simple..
  7. time to update.. who is te first? ok I'll try a dirty upgrade straight from the appstore (after the MBR patch...) Let's start move the kext! see you soon (maybe...)
  8. mmm.. the boot is correct but my screen remain black if I use your smbios.plist but i'm using my SSDT now.. feel like the problem is the quadro 5000: look like is working fine but I can't test it.. even HW monitor do not show it anymore. but hey it seem to me that yosemite runs much cooler! (just my automatic screen dimmeri don't work, is always maxed, how's yours?)
  9. Oh I see. actually my smbios.plist is a MacPro 3.1, I also find out my DSDT was already patched as you posted before (AGP to IGPU ) did you solved for the audio? I'm using an older AppleHDA.kext (the one working already with Mavericks) + HDAenabler and Enable HDMI audio flagged in chameleon boot (checked using chameleon wizard) and works very well did you managed to update nvidia drivers? Davide
  10. I want to report that I managed to update too to Yosemite. using @madmatt method but mixing his org.chameleon.Boot.plist solution with my DSDT and smbios.plist probably because I have Qx9300 CPU and didn't work with his smbios THANKS now I'm trying to enable power management for my custom upgraded Quadro 5000m found on internet and hand hammered to fit in the fx3700m slot (not kidding ) as is too hot.. I guess that I can do that by using your DSDT, SSDT and AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext mod (question @madmatt: I have to use both SSDT in your zip?) thank @madmatt for the enlightening report!
  11. npci=0x2000 and GrapicsEnabler=no
  12. This is a EXTREMELY COMMON problem: so common I'm sure if you just SEARCH even on google "PCI Configuration begins" you'll find the solution in many languages. So less "please help me" and more "search before" as this is a forum community, is obviously made for mutual help, but a little brain using can help to get helped more than begging.. Said so try to boot with npci=0×2000
  13. and updated to 10.9.2 without issues
  14. updated to 10.9.1 without issues
  15. for the battery i use old voodoobattery.kext it's a bit vintage and not so elegant solution but works without issues