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  1. FIX the language

    Up! Anyone knows? Please i need to fix this !!!
  2. FIX the language

    Hallo beautiful people! Thanks to this forum i managed to install Leopard on the system that is in my signature. It works very well now, after lots of time spent reading, trying, failing reinstalling.. etc etc... I think i'm done now, everything works, apart the mic in and the sleep function (got to read some more i guess). The reason for this topic, anyway, is that my Leo has somehow a weird italian language support. I mean, applications like safari or disk utility, or the dashboard are well translated, but finder has half things in italian and half in english... The topmost bar (sry i'd call it taskbar if we were in windows) is in english, but the dropdown menus are in italian. In Utiliy i have "Terminale" and Bluetooth file exchange... some are in english and some are in italian. This is due to the Jas installation, because it's the first thing i noticed before doing any update or installing any software. So, finally my question is: is it possible to reinstall the whole italian language support?
  3. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    A stupid question... Since we all have the same hardware, would it be foolish to share a ghost image of a completely installed and properly set-up NC10 with all of your software? Installing it would be extra easy and error free, since the image was made ad-hoc. Has norton ghost any problem with hfs+ partitions and the darwin bootloader? I'm askinig this because when i have to install the same system on many computers that have the same hw i use to make a ghost image with all the software needed and "ghost" it on each one, saving lots of time. Sorry if this seems a noob question, i'm a noob indeed!!! Anyway great job mysticus, great!!!
  4. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Yeah! Great job! I thank you in advance cos i'll buy this netbook in 2009... Any clue about how to slipstream this into an osx distribution to make something like "samsungnc10osx.iso" ? Wouldn't it be great?
  5. Samsung NC-10 US Version

    I'm 99% sure that the 2gb limit is due to a chipset limitation, as every netbook i've seen uses the same chipset and sees only 2gb. Take the lenovo ideapad s10... it has 512mb of ram soldered on the mobo, and a socket where you can put a 2gb module, but it will tell you that the installed ram is 2 gb anyway... Those tiny pc's need a brand new dedicated chipset imho.
  6. Samsung NC-10 US Version

    Awsome, guys! You rock! .... any news about the ethernet interface?
  7. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    Just wanted to show how i managed the dongle building... i didn't build a dongle, just two metal wire jumpers. Hope someone finds it useful. Bye.
  8. Reason 3.0.5 Unibin ..... soon!

    Yeah but how does it work? I need this one too !!!
  9. mmmm i've read the whole thread.... you are right, i am wrong... please ban me from this place !!!!!! i deserve it!
  10. I saw this thread but... i don't even have the battery timer or anything that looks like a battery icon....
  11. Turn off iMac speakers in XP?

    I have the opposite problem, i get both speakers and phones in OSX.... any clue?
  12. hi all. I've searched the forum for this one but didn't find anything. Does anyone know how to enable power menagement (no battery icon) for my laptop? I have installed OSX 10.4.3 and anything works, even the wireless (thanks to this place...), the only issue is that i never know when it is going to turn off due to a battery low charge (no battery icon), very frustrating! My config: HP Compaq NX6110 1.4 ghz celeron m 1 gb ddr 915 gm chiset with 900 gma of course ac 97 audio broadcom 4318 wifi + 440x eth Any hint?
  13. loginwindow loop in multi-user boot

    Same problem here. Same iso downloaded and installed smoothly. When booting in single user mode it doesn't load Aqua but works. I have a HP NX6110 notebook. me=sad!
  14. Wich one did u download? I'm trying with "MaC.OsX.10.4.5.Universal.Install.DVD(INTEL:AMD:SSE3:SSE2).iso" but all i get is a error message while loading the login window...