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  1. I have read in MacGeneration that there exist modified LaCie drivers for OSX. They are compatible with all brands of HD. Anyone knows where they can be found. Thanks
  2. gaetanfo

    USB3 on Mac?

    I know there one USB3 pci-e card is sold with drivers for OSX. I do not recall its name. But I read it in one of one magazine's webpage, less that ten days ago. It was stated that one could easily edit the kext to install any other card, since all use the same NEC USB3 controller. But they would not say how, adding that it would be illegal. the most likely websites : AppkeInsider, Mac4Ever, or Macbidouille (French)é http://www.caldigit.com/avdrive/Card_PCIex.html
  3. Did you get orange HD icons. There was a fix in most Leopard 1.5.x installations. But none that I know of in Iatkos V3. Otherwise it works like a charm on my GA-P45-UD3R. But I wonder if anyone knows where the iconfix (utility ?, driver ?) can be found. Thanks.
  4. Have you tried booting to OSX with the -x switch ? When OSX appears, ENTER. Then you type -x. Usually works. You have to use the switch only once.
  5. You are probaby using a cd connected via a JMicron controller.
  6. gaetanfo

    Windows 7 & Leopard multi-boot

    Is is possible with EasyBCD 1.7.2 If it sill does not appear in Vista's boot screen after a OSX boot item has been created with EasyBCD, start from the Vista install DVD and choose Repair. Reboot. It works well on my computer.
  7. Thanks. I will give it a try. Will have to reinstall (on external drive), since I curently use IPC 10.5.6. As a matter of fact it seems to me that both installations give the same result, after applying the patches to retail OSX. Except of course for that wireless connection problem.
  8. I installed theRealtek 8187L driver on OSX 10.5.6, but the wireless will not work. It gets a local address 169, etc. that cannot be changed. I installed a Linksys WMP300N which is recognized as an Airport card and works peferctlye. Anyone else had problems with the onboard wireless congtroller ? It used to work with previous versions of Leopard. === The above applies to IDeneb's 10.5.6 With OSX installed from a retail DVD - using Boot 123, I cannot get any wireless card to be detected. Would like to know if anyone else had same experience.
  9. Netgear's wireless card not recognized in Leopard. Worked as Airport card in Tiger. My new Linksys WMP300N is seen as Airport in IDeneb's 10.5.6. BUT in another installation, with Boot 123 and retail OSX I cannot get it even detected. I have a P5K Deluxe Wifi board by Asus. I installed all the updates available on the Net of that board. Anyone else has that problem with that wireless card, or any other wireless card ? Is there a solution ?.
  10. @Panshie Whatr TBOOT files dis you add? Please explain. I would be interested in booting OsX from XP (or Vista). I used to do it by adding chain0 when I was running Tiger. But the file does not seem to exist under Leopard. TIA
  11. The correct address for 8087 (relatek sound on P5K) is The other driver does not work on those boards. Have tried it - and it failed.
  12. I have installed Leopard on my P5K Premium computer, formatted as GUID. I cannot fin Chain0 file in the usual place : usr/standalone/i386/chain0 necessay to dual boot from Windows. Kaliway states the Chain0 method works. Should I have formatted as MBR ? Please advise.
  13. A version AMD-Intel compatible can be found on the net now. Works well.
  14. Some small drivers would have to be added, and then the system would run just as well on Intel or AMD. As for the devices (keyboard, mouse, netowrking, wireless, everything else) the drivers would be exactly the same.
  15. gaetanfo

    CD-DVD burning patch

    I know there exists somewhere on the net a patch that will allow CD-Dvd burning on all (or most ?) writers, Anyone can can post a link. Thanks in advance