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  1. Dear all, I've a Lenovo T510 4349-AF5 but even following your guide I were not able to make all working on it. Here there are some details: 1) I installed successfully Mountain Lion 10.8. 2) I installed the required kext as from the file "Lenovo-T510-dsdt-kexts.zip" through the Kext Utility: the audio works fine but I'm not able to make my Wireless network or even the Ethernet Card working. The wireless card is an "Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN" and the "Ethernet card is an Intel 82577 LM Gigabit": none of these are working. 3) I installed the DSDT 4) I installed the Chimera boot loader 5) I didn't patch the firmware, because I cannot do it (notebook is not mine!): I hope the DSDT file works even without the patch. 6) I need just the network working: that's all! I also followed exactly the procedure in the video in this post but the network is not working. Another problem is that after the boot, it takes a long time for the laptop to be ready to receive input from the keyboard and from the mouse: more than 3 minutes! Is there anyone that as my same model and can help me with it? Thanks and regards, Internal_error