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  1. Hi, Does anybody know with wich progam or how you can burn a .ccd / .sub / .img file in OSX? I've looked everywere but can't find anything.. STM
  2. But I don't have Express, that's the problem. I want to know if I can run this one to, because it has an XSKey.
  3. Why does Apple sell full installations for much more money then? I don't understand..
  4. Hi, I just purchased Logic 7.2 from Ebay. But the seller told me it was a full installation, not an upgrade.. Now I see on the front of the box "Upgrade from Logic Express or Big Box". But the package has a XSKey and everything. I checked this forum and sombody told me if there's an XSKey it's a full installation and I can run it. Is that true? Hope sombody can help me because I'm afraid to open the sealed box.. Thx Steve