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  1. Chameleon RC3 EFI Boot Installation Problems

    Oh Mr Sparky! Dude! Thanks for that so much. I managed to get this working no more than an hour ago. I followed a guide that someone made for a Dell Mini or HP Mini or something. I just substituted my Extras folder from my boot CD and did the rest of the install. I have even tried to update to 10.6.2 and promptly killed it! Haha! But this is a fresh install I am typing from and I am flat out stoked not to have to use the boot cd anymore. Next step is patching my DSDT and then trying to get XP installed.
  2. Chameleon RC3 EFI Boot Installation Problems

    I suppose I need to spend some more time reading up on doing EFI installs. I get boot errors when using that boot loader you attached. I do appreciate the help though. I will look into EFI Boot loaders a bit more.
  3. I have installed SL on my computer and it is working great with the P35-DS3L boot CD that someone on here made. Method I uses was to boot into the CD and then into the Install DVD and all is well since then. However, I am having a hell of a time installing Chameleon via Terminal in my EFI partition. Is there any reason why I couldn't merely copy my Boot CD's files (based on Boot 132 but for by board and with the Kexts I placed in there) to the EFI Partition and set the partition as active and see if it boots up fine?
  4. Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    Elitist = Pompous. Not maximizing profit. But some companies charge a reasonable amount for their product; Apple doesn't. It relies on that name just like Mercedes does. That is all I am saying. And no, I have not purchased a legit copy of OSX yet but I plan to. The product is worthwhile to someone who relies on that software to make a living. At least that is how I see it. Windows is worthwhile to 90% of the business world because without it, they wouldn't be able to function. Well, the same can be said for music/video people who rely on Mac Stuff. For me, I just think it is cool to have a triple boot system.
  5. Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    I am new to Hackintoshes but Apple has always been an elitist company in my opinion. They have been about exclusivity from the onset. This makes them look pompous in a way that is just offensive. On the other hand, Gates and company have been outstanding at business modeling and expansion. He isn't interested in exclusivity, rather he is interested in domination. That reeks of piety in another way, but much more "American" than Jobs has gone with Apple. The only way Jobs could keep Mac exclusive is charge out the ass for the product and make damn sure no one could build it. Fortunately for us, even Apple can't deny economics anymore. So his profit margin went up because he can use the same chips as everyone else, but still charge incredulous sums of money for the same hardware. Not any more Steve. There is no way I will buy a new Mac when I can build it better, faster, and to my specs.
  6. [SOLVED] 10.5.6: Sleep no longer working

    terminal> sudo pmset autorestart 1 Fixed everything for me.
  7. Bush Shoe Incident

    Yeah, I didn't find this amusing either. All I know is that in less than a month, BO has proven to be the outright commie some of us were concerned about. We are going to miss GWB, and not because we love to hate him, but because BO is going to bring socialist misery like we have never seen.
  8. Couple of G4s

  9. I just wanted to share my jubilee. I have just been messing around on an older AMD 939 system that I have. It is a San Diego XP 3700 processor on an Abit AN832X motherboard. I have 1.5 gig of ram running at 216 FSB and a Radeon x850XT card. What works: -Firewire -SATA -IDE -Motorola PCI wireless card -I beleive LAN works as well What doesn't work: -x850XT Radeon is not recognized so it has basic 1280x768 display and I haven't tried any tweaking. -Audio It recognizes my ram, ram speed, Mac Pro, and AMD cpu at 2.2 GHz. The wireless internet works great and is plenty quick. I used the standard sleep kernel and installed the first of the AMD drivers and the 1.01 patch. Shutdown, sleep and restart do not work at all though. Not that anyone is building these systems anymore but for the sake of curiosity, I figured someone might enjoy it. Paul
  10. Couple of G4s

    I am new here but not new to internet forums for other facinations: music @ harmonycentral.com and cars @ SVTPerformance.com/yotatech.com. But I am in the process of building a hackintosh/xp machine and I need to unload some older G4s that work great. The first one is a Sawtooth 500 MHz single processor box that is more or less all original but stuffed with 1 gig of ram. It runs great and looks solid as well. Everything works on it no problem and it has the original 27 gig hard drive. I am asking $100 for the box and maybe a little less for a local sale. The other one is a Quicksilver 867 (2000) that has a CD/RW replacing the dead Superdrive. I also yanked out the Zip drive to allow extra cooling to go on and took off the big fan's metal protective sheild and reversed it's direction. I also removed the PSU's metal protective grate to help quiet it down a bit. It has an 80 gig hard drive and I have modded it to a 933 on the daughter board. It runs great and has 3 sticks of ram in it (512, 256, 128). This one also includes the matching monitor, one Mac keyboard and a Mac single button mouse. I am going to ask for $250 for the whole shebang. I would prefer not to ship but I would drive up from San Diego to LA if someone wanted to meet me. PM me for questions or pictures. Pretty motivated to move on this stuff. Paul