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  1. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Well looks like the majority of people have generic cards/chipset. I wonder if anyone else is using an M-Audio Solo or something fancier. Mine works great with M-Audio's drivers, except the line in... which would be almost too good to be true.
  2. I have tried to find threads on how a person recovers from stupidity, but with no luck. Here's my story. Help out if you feel enough pity. I have been using my osx86 box with much success when one of the OS X updates popped up. When I am on my Mini, I don't think twice about doing the updates, and sadly... the moment overcame me and my 10.4.5 install suddenly found itself preparing for a 10.4.7 update. She wasn't reached in time. The update completed, the unit was rebooted and now I am enjoying a black screen with an error message. I don't mind reinstalling OS X, but how do I recover files from the hard drive besides single user mode? I tried using the "Archive and Install" feature I had read about, but instead of getting the option I get an error that says I can't install because my disc version is too old compared to the local install. I have a 10.4.6 disc which allows a reinstall, sans the A&I option I need. Any help is appreciated. Or feel free to point me to any threads I might have missed in my searches. Adam
  3. What network cards work?

    Yep, same problem as KnightTyper. Everything but sound and network are functional. I'm using an HP DC7600 SFF. But the Broadcom NetExtreme 5752 is a no go.