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  1. Hi guys, I am new on this forum, so 1st of all : hello world ;-) Well, now that it's done, Hi Stevejobsubs ! You plane to build your own Mac Pro: good idea ! That's what I've done and itis a joy of every day !!!! In fact, the way I followed was a little fifferent, because I use 2cpus graphic stations for about 10 years now, since my dual pentium III (wich still working !). But I was frustated : my render jobs for my 3D scene were no so fast as I was figured and I had to compose with Windoz Freeze, BSoD when phisically memory totaly used (Vray issue) aznd other stuff like that.... Well one day, after trying XP, 2003 sever, and differents distro of Linux, I said to my self "why not trying leopard ?" and I tried..... In one word.... WOW!!! Waht a smoothing feeling when working on my textures maps on Photoshop with Maya one the other screen to visualize the render. Sorry for everyone who made true but not reallistic additions, and good news for your : your Hackintosh Mac Pro doesn't have to cost you nearely the price of an original one... not at all. Keep in mind that the price of this kind of hardware take in count the service which is proposed with (for xeon à >$1200 for exemple) I have only one thing to say : eBay is your friend: I bought my motherboard for about 100euros and a couple of 5335 for the same price. (search for asian ebayers) My FB-Dimm came from Australia and It was the same story (aboput 120 euro for 4x1 Gb) Last point about the price : as the technologie used for this generation( core / socket 771) will be soon out of date, why don't try 5000X chiopset instead 5400 : ok, the limit FSB will be 1333 and not 1600, but, at this speed, is it clearely a justification of spending more money ? I don't think so. But there's allways guys to compare ferrari and lamborghini... Just in case you choose 5000 chipset, be sure to choose a 5000X (Greencreek) chipset wich is for workstations (PCIexpresse x 16 graphic port for exemple). Other chipset arte for Servers. Well price is one thing, compatibility is another one. The good news is that dual xeon platforms are 100% intel, so good for Mac OS compatibility I must say that I have a little preference for Supermicro's motherboard. I used Gigabyte, Tyan, iWill (RIP) and Supermicro is alway far on the top of my preferences : http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Xeon1333/ So, in conclusion, here are some of the spec of my "Mac Pro" which work perfectly with a iAtkos v1.0 installation, 10.5.5 updated. Supermicro X7DA8 2 x Xeon 5335 (Quad - 2GHz - 1333 - 4x2MB) with passive heatsink Thermalright HR-01 X 4 x 1 GB FB-DIMM 533 (HP) 9600 GT 512 MB GIGABYTE Passive 320 GB (16MB) HDD Samsung F1 spinpoint 500 GB (8MB) HDD Hitachi I could give you more info if you want. (Sorry for my english I'm french)