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  1. VoodooHDA

    Hello! This thread has been very helpful - I've been trying to upgrade my Vostro 1500 (most probably an ALC92xx sound chip) from an iatkos 10.6.3 to 10.6.8. I KP'd a lot when I just inserted the voodooHDA kext in S/L/E (not sure which version I was using). HOWEVER - when I went to the google repository - I used the 2.7.3 installer and viola no more KP....no sound either . By now I knew 2.7.2 was causing KPs so I tried using the 2.7.1 installer and...voila! NO KP yet I get sound (still like when I was under 10.6.3 - where the onboard mike input is weak). BUT - yes there is a but - after I install 2.7.1, go and restart, everything is OK. (here comes the but) When I shutdown/restart after that - voodooHDA causes a KP. Is there any way to prevent this? 2.7.3 is consistent - no KP will boot everytime even after a restart - no sound either (a dialogue box comes up everytime I choose a sound related action - the 'path is undefined (or something like that)'. As an experiment, I will try to install 2.62 and see where that takes me. Any suggestions/recommendations for 'stabilize' 2.7.1 would be appreciated.
  2. iATKOS L2 Installation Issues

    Minor update - I was able to access the installer log - prior to pressing the 'reinstall mac osx button' I see that it is trying to establish a network connection... ...localhost confgd [111]: bootp_session_transmit: bpf_write(en0) failed: Networ is down (50) ...localhost confgd [111]: DHCP en0: INIT transmit failed ...localhost LCA [308]: Bookmark failed to issue extension for item (depth=4000): No such file or directory ...localhost OSIESpringboard [322]: Bookmark fialed to issue extension for item (depth=4000): No such file or directory AFTER I click on the 'Reinstall Mac OS X' option, I get the following log entry... ...localhost Unknown [309]: 2012-03-05 15:23:01.507 Mac OS X Utilities [322:b203] Could not launch application. Exception: launch path not accessible SO - does this mean that the install disk is looking to ping Apple (or whoever) before creating the directory? No idea - it does show that en0 is my wireless card which I could not configure to get on my network. FWIW - I needed to launch the installer w/ arch=i386 cpus=1 -v - it will eventually hang up - but the second time I boot I just do arch=i386 -v and it will boot just fine *shrug* dunno why though.
  3. I wonder if its worth having an iATKOS L2 super thread?? (I tried registering on uphuck's board to no avail). Annnyyyywayy....I got the L2 install dmg and confirmed the md5 as true. I tried restoring it on an 8gb USB stick (using my 10.6.3 hackintosh - Dell Vostro 1500 4GB mem, NVIDIA display card working to highest resolution) -to no avail (after verifying the file, the md5 changed - if that's worth anything) - the thing wouldnt even launch into the boot screen. After several attempts, I used UB (from TM's website - lion from usb + laptop assist button options - with apologies to the mod team - didnt realize certain things hash out) to install the boot on my usb stick - it worked - at least up to the disk select screen. When I choose the L2 install - it just hangs on the apple screen and the 'rotating timer'. (using -v shows it stops at a point when it identifies my vostro's firewire and some iousb has failed prior to that). When I add an arch=i386 boot option it takes me to the welcome screen - where I choose english as main language - then it takes me to Mac OSx Utilities (joy beyond belief! - so much so that I let disk utility format my WORKING SL hard drive - no worries though I TimeMachined the 10.6.3 install). The 'disk utility' and 'restore from time machine back up' options work (I can go in there and use the utilities). HOWEVER - I get nothing when I press continue when I highlight 'Reinstall Mac OSx' AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH. ... Some notes - I successfully installed SL 10.6.3 (using iAtkos S3 v2) only when I checked 32bit versions of drivers. Could this be a clue? Does lion accept 32bit operations? I am guessing yes only for the simple reason that I see some netbook (atom) users claim successful instals. Any help would be appreciated - including just pointing me to a good how to thread to update 10.6.3 to 10.6.8 (I kill my keyboard and mouse when I try to go up to those versions and yes I save my old IOUSBFamily.kext and IOUSBStorage(??).kext to inject into the new version - tried it without the kext utility but wound up with KPs that the kernel and CPU were incompatible).
  4. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Thanks to this thread - I've been enjoying my new hackintosh for a few months - I even got free airport mania from amazon. The one thing I only discovered now is that the DVD drive is not recognized - as in nothing at all. Any ideas?
  5. Realtek RTL8191

    Any chance you gents would know if this is applicable to RTL8912CU?

    Hi! IT WORKS! iAtkos s3 v2 installs nicely. Yes, I have to do cpus=1, now the challenge is to get wireless working. I did not log the internal wireless card, I would be happy to replace it - but knowing HP/Compaq - they are finicky about replacement parts. I read somewhere in here that you can fool the mb to think it was a sanctioned card by changing the 'firmware' of the card itself - but it can only be done under linux. I bought some micro USB wireless N adapters (airlink 101 and edimax - same RTL8192CU chipset)but I cant get it to recognize them. I have downloaded a driver on the airlink side but the computer still no joy. Any suggestions?

    Heya! I missed this post by a mile - I have a CQ10-405DX - its the one with 160GB HD instead of the 250. I have been trying to coax SL on this thing for the longest time. You can see on my thread I've tried a couple of methods to no avail. I tried yours but when I get to restart the thing just keeps rebooting like its stuck on an endless loop. I suppose this is a function of me not selecting the right customization. I would love to know what you used. TIA
  8. Hullo! I have a Compaq CQ10-405DX that I have been puzzling over on how to make into a hackintosh. I have researched high and low to find a thread or discussion topic about this particular model but have found none. The good news? I was able to install SL! *yay* The bad news? I could not get it to boot on its own...I have to use a D620slv.iso from that particular thread to get it to start up, in safe mode only. I tried following the mymacnetbook guide but didnt have a mac or a huge memory stick to follow the first few steps. However, I did find OSX Mechdrew's instructions - I could not get NCD to boot my retail SL DVD (10.6.3) So...I took the HD out and used another hackintosh to install using snow universal 10.6.0. It looked promising - it just didnt boot by itself - it needs the D620slv disk (on bootup it says its chameleon v2.0-RC3 r658) in -x -v boot configuration. When you get to the login in screen it takes a minute or two before if its able to read and keyboard inputs. It will react to the touchpad but not to mouse key presses. Once in - I used the included program to install chameleon but it still would not boot by itself. I dont want to make this my peronal blog, but hopefully if I get to a point where I can have this thing self load, there is a record of how it was done. If somebody's already gone and did theirs - please let me know. I would love to delete this thread and follow somebody else's instructions. I have NO coding skills at all - I just try to follow along with what I read.
  9. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Heya! ...So after overheating my D620 - I decided to take the plunge again, this time with a Vostro 1500 2GB RAM, 128MB Vid (NVIDIA I believe), Intel 4965AGN yada yada yada... So I am going to attempt to install SL - but before doing so, I want to replace the 4965 with a BCM94321 that I have handy. My one issue is that the 4965 has 3 antenna wires and the broadcom has 2. Will I succeed even if I left the gray unattached?
  10. I bought a compaq mini CQ10 405DX from Best Buy Black Friday sale last year. I've upgraded ram to 2GB and my system has had no problems booting up the included Windows XP. Next, I tried upgrading my hard drive to a 500GB WD Blue Scorpion(?) drive in preparation of doing a Snow Leopard install. I tried to follow instructions from mymacnetbook - but I could not even get my SL 10.6.2 install disk to boot (I get a KP with an error that basically says my proc is not supported). I thought the chameleon utility needed a viable/ bootable MBR. I tried installing Ubuntu 9.0 - and kept getting a 'no bootable disk' error. I thought the hard drive was faulty - but WD diagnostics cleared it of any errors. I tried using the same hard drive in another computer and it booted up Ubuntu normally. Next I thought the issue was maybe its a Compaq - some sort of copy protection. So I used XML drive imaging software to image my WinXP original hard drive. I've gotten mixed results - first time I did it - the built in web explorer kept booting. When I tried booting to WinXP - I got a 'no bootable disk' error. Subsequent attempts resulted in no bootable disk and the built in explorer wont even boot up. I also tried using an old WinXP install disk to do a fresh install. On boot up, I only get BSOD. Same result with a Vista Basic install disk. Im out of ideas - any help/insight would be appreciated.
  11. Dell 1390 wireless & HP laptop

    hate to bump up an old thread but to the previous poster's point - can l just change the sprom in another laptop and transfer the card to an HP laptop? Also would, this work on Ubuntu 10.4? TIA!
  12. Thanks Leppy! This worked like a charm - I got SL to boot but the bootloader didn't show XP as an option. Should I just reinstall? BTW - have you had experience adding/using a WWAN card on SL? Any success with it?
  13. HALP?! I tried to upgrade my HDD for more space and dual boot goodness. On the first partition I did a restore of SL from my old hard drive. I XML'd XP on my second partition. Now when I reboot, I get bupkus...zero...zilch....blank-o screen-o. I use the D620SLV1 to boot - no problem - it finds all partitions. I tried to see if I can run the post_install.cmd (by selecting D620SLV1.iso on the menu) but I get KPs. I can actually run the retail disk if I make the DVD drive as first boot. Did I miss a step or do I have to reformat the new drive fresh? TIA
  14. Has there been an alternative to running 10.6.2 without reverting to 32 bit?....BTW what is the (dis)advantage if I went 32 or conversely - any advantage to going to 10.6.2? Finally - I swear - I've been trying to find it - but how do I throttle down to 32bit? Is it just disabling the dual processor? TIA
  15. Heya folks! Longtime lurker, not exactly a first time poster...yada yada yada... I have an Nvidia D620 and installed a retail SL and upgraded to a 10.6.1 (I've probably reinstalled SL close to 10 times and upgraded directly to 10.6.2 and kept getting KPs) after I read the middle pages of this thread. So I am happily chugging along now - but I need to install network printers on this thing. Last time I did it, I printed a ream's worth of garbage (not intentionally!). Is there anything special I need to do? Secondly - it seems like a lot of folks got their wired ethernet working - I havent been able to make mine work. Is there anything I should be doing for that as well? Thanks a lot to the folks contributing to this thread and mad props to leppy for getting this party started!