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  1. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Still no luck. I have tried nearly every solution posted on the forum. I am running 10.4.5 and I have a Gateway NX850XL laptop. I cannot get my touchpad to work on a regular basis. I have edited my /etc/rc file. Sometimes I can get the touchpad to work, but there is no rhyme or reason to when it does function. When it does, I do a dmesg, and I see Synaptics v5.9, but when I reboot, its not working again. I have disabled legacy USB support in bios. Tried every combination of booting with or without my usb HID devices plugged in or not. Does anyone have any unconventional solutions that they could suggest to me that sucessfully worked for them. I'm pulling my hair out here.
  2. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    Hey Bill, thanks for all the work that you have been doing. I have been keeping up with this thread because my laptop keyboard and touchpad refuse to work. I have a Gateway NX850XL which has a 915 express chipset. 2.13gzh P4M and according to Gateway a "Gateway EZ-Touch" touchpad. I looked for the PNP Device ID in windows and I get: "PNP Device ID ACPI\SYN0403\4&3863886D&0" which leads me to belive that it is I Synaptics touchpad. I have NOT been able to get any drivers to work. I have scoured the forum, the wiki, and IRC, but nobody has a solution for me. Here's the deal though, It seems that if I change the files in the current kext that I have, the one on the prepatched DVD, and force a reload of the kext, it loads and both my keyboard and mouse work, but no matter what I do to /etc/rc there is no way that I can script a way to get it working. Is there any suggestions that you might have for me? I appreciate it.
  3. Success with Gateway 450XL Laptop

    Hey, I was reading your thread about your 450 gateway laptop? and I was wondering if you ever got your builting ps2 keyboard and touchpad working. I have a nx850xl and i cant get the ps2 kexts to work for me.
  4. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    I am having trouble understanding his directions on patching the kext. I am running 1.4.3 with a netXtreme 5751 id: 0x14 e4 16 54. I do not know what to substitude in the hex editor. Basically I do not understand how he converts: -Expample, device id 169c ( bcm 5788 ) -patch on hex 37336 from "66 81 FA 59 16" to "66 81 FA 9C 16". Can anyone tell me what I have to substitute or tell me how to covert my deviceid. I would appreciate it. I would also appreciate the dashing of my hopes. Is the 5751 compatible at all on 10.4.3? Any success or failure. It's driving my nuts, having to switch OS's to check forums for help.