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  1. Error when trying to install

    haha, that's usually the case, it didn't seem like there was a problem there Anyways, if the guide I posted earlier doesn't work, try http://www.osx86.net/desktops/9746-guide-os-x-10-6-amd.html it's the guide I JUST used to install my mac. While you were doing that I was reinstalling my mac with the specs below following this one , it's a lot easier to understand IMO. but there were a few other things, let me know if you need more help and I'll respond asap!
  2. Error when trying to install

    All right, let me know what happens! I'm still teaching my self with guides and such but let me know if you need any more help!
  3. Error when trying to install

    How long did you let it run for? Sometimes it will keep going, just takes a while. Also, I could never get Hazard to run with my Phenom II X6 1075T, but I got it to run with http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/201330-guide-how-to-install-snow-leopard-retail-on-amd-pc-osx86/ this guide. If you don't figure out, I'd consider giving that guide a try, otherwise try booting with -x
  4. Hello Troy, I started with the retail 10.6.0, and yes I did try booting in safe mode with success repairing permissions, but still no luck with installing the combo update. I'm not sure what's causing this; I'm trying to get my hands on a different laptop right now, but I'm going to keep trying with this one, maybe I'll find something. Thanks for your ideas! Edit: I'm also going to re-install Snow Leo on my computer in my description, I'd like to have it on a laptop, but if anything at least I'll have it on this computer (dual booting w/ Win7 ofc)
  5. I'm not sure what's going on here, but everytime I try to repair permissions via ###### or Disk Utility, it crashes half way through. Also, I downloaded the combo update to 10.6.8 on my desktop to try and install on my laptop, but it got about half way through and just turned off my laptop. My laptop doesn't usually crash, with Windows it never randomly turned off, so I don't think it's getting too hot or anything of that matter. I've tried two different hard drives (first one it wouldn't even install Snow Leo, it just turned off half way through, and second one already had Snow on it (weird lol)) Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated, I've searched around not finding anything on it that could help me. Specs: Acer Aspire 5315 Intel Celeron M 550 (2.0 GHz) Intel 965 Express Chipset I figure that's all that's needed for this problem (audio works, graphics works, wifi doesn't (but fixing that after this)) Thanks for your help, AndrewRenn
  6. Verizon iPhone 4 Questions

    Hiya, I just bought an iPhone 4 (Verizon) about 2 weeks ago, and I used to have a Droid 2. I love my iPhone! I don't see any problems with the iPhone vs. AT&T version (I've never used AT&T though), the reception for me is fine and quality is good. I'm not sure about data pricing (I chose unlimited when I went with verizon, they don't offer that anymore though), but I think it's the same with Android and iPhone, but over all, I like my iPhone over my droid 2. Now, to compare it to android: No flash. That was kind of a downer, but I got used to not being able to use flash sites, and most are going with HTML5 now. A more tight navigation. When I first got my iPhone I wasn't sure about this, I figured it'd be harder since there was only 1 button compared to the Android phones with 4 (search, home, menu and back), so I figured it'd be harder to navigate. For me it wasn't. It was actually better, but I'm still getting used to it. No keyboard. I actually like not having a keyboard. On my droid 2 I had one, and I would prefer to have used the onscreen one, except it was terrible. My iPhone's onscreen keyboard is amazing. My step dad has a Droid X, and likes his keyboard, but when he tried mine he fell in love with it. Better maps. I use maps all the time on my phone. On my droid it seemed like it was bad at finding where I was, my iPhone almost always pinpoints me within like 10 feet. It's pretty nice. More apps. I might not be able to say this for too much longer, but iOS has more apps. Slower internet. I noticed the internet wasn't as fast as my Droids, but I got used to it pretty fast. (It's still fast, just not as fast!) Overall, I think it's a great choice switching from a droid to an iPhone, but check one out before doing it, go to your Verizon store or an Apple store and play with one for a while. At Apple stores you can text, and make phone calls, browse web and etc. with their iPhone's, plus there are plenty of employees to ask your questions too. AND you MIGHT want to wait to upgrade. Rumors are out there that the iPhone 5 will be announced this month or next month, I would have waited, but really wanted my first iPhone Anyways, I hope I've helped a little bit in your decision, and have fun! Edit: holy {censored}, he posted that in JUNE!
  7. Problems after updating snow leopard

    If you're getting a kernel panic, I wouldn't keep installing them! But I think it's okay to use Leo kexts for SnowLeo, but try http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1376660
  8. Problems after updating snow leopard

    Hey VITUSH, glad you have a mac now A few things, I found http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...hp/t163427.html that as a guide, look at that and see if that will help you get your wifi working, as for USB not working, go to tonymacx86, and download [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] (3.5 is the latest version), and run it, and under System Utilities, check rebuild caches and repair perms, and then under Drivers & Boot loaders / Kexts and Enablers / Misc, select IOUSBFamily rollback, and whatever other kexts you think you would want for your osx, that might help improve stuff! Good luck on anything else you need to get working!
  9. SnowLeo success!

    To see what version of Mac you have, click the apple in the top left corner, click About This Mac, and it tells you Version 10.6.x, if it's only 10.6, I believe that's just 10.6.0. I'd follow guides from here and Tonymac to get to 10.6.7, the latest version
  10. Need help getting FCP 7 installed

    I've solved it!! Here's the solution, just in case someone else has the problem : I downloaded and ran FCS Maintenance Pack Launcher (trial edition, google around for it), and scrolled down to System Toolkit, I ran that, went to the Quicktime tab, and started by disabling all of them, and that let it run, but somethings didn't show up normally, so to fix that, I went through (starting at the bottom) disabling one at a time, and tada, disabling only Sound Manager Components fixed it for me, now I'm not sure if that will cause other things in the future to mess up, but my FCP works now!
  11. So, I've finally got Mac OS X 10.6.7 on my built pc, but I can't get FCP to run. I'm assuming it's because I'm using -force64, but I'll try without it after this post (but I want to use 64 bit to have the ability to use my entire 8GB of ram ) It's working almost flawlessly, only noticed a few things (maybe you'll have fixes for those too ): My sister was trying it out earlier, and she typed in her pw to something (all numbers using the keypad), and then hit the keypads enter, and it froze and crashed a few seconds later. That was the first time it happened since I've been using it yesterday, Also, every once in a while, random grey splotches appear, like on a web page, if i scroll down then back up, they're gone, maybe thats just Safari, i'm not sure. But hopefully you can help me get FCP working! Here are my specs, and if you have questions on getting Snow Leo installed using anything I have, lmk and I'll be happy to help!! Specs in my signature (just realized that ) Thanks guys! Edit: It doesn't work with 32bit either, so it's not 64 bit causing it! (phew!)
  12. Heya guys, so in my previous post I couldn't get any distro to boot up, but I fixed that by using -v -f -x. I've installed two different distros, iDeneb and iAtkos. iDeneb won't boot up unless in safe mode, or it hangs with Starting osdt or something like that (I'll post it later after I have exact words), and iAtkos just does "still waiting for root device", so right now, I think iDeneb is my best and only option at this point, do you guys know how to fix the osdt thing? edit: Okay, I just installed iPC 10.5.6, and it installed! I can only boot up in normal mode, but my internet works at least, I am posting from it now! when I'm not booting up in safe mode, It gets stuck on /usr/sbin/oscpd starting (Something like that, will fully give the message next time I boot up), edit 2: Okay, I wrote it down this time! It says: /usr/sbin/ocspd[81]: starting And then it just doesn't go any further.. any advice? Thanks any help would be appreciated! my specs: AMD Phenom II x6 1075t 3.0GHz nVidia GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 Sata HDD / Sata DVD drive If u need any other specs, let me know!
  13. I built this system only a few days ago, its a custom pc. I'm trying to boot any distro so I can install, and use that distro to get Snow Leopard installed, but everytime I pop the disk in, and it starts loading, it gets to a black screen with the spinning wheel (the cursor with colors, not the spinning wheel with the apple logo), and it just sits there forever, I've tried iPC, iDeneb, and iAtkos V7, with Kalyway it just reboots everytime I try to boot w/ CD. My specs: AMD Phenom II x6 1075t 3.0GHz nVidia GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 Sata HDD / Sata DVD drive
  14. Okay, so I was trying to find the best distro for my computer, and it is Kalyway 10.5.2! Things that didn't work for me: The integrated graphics card (ATI Radeon XPress 200) Just so you know, here is a post that seems like there is no hope for this card: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...php/t67138.html but I'll try figuring it out! Go out and buy a gfx card though, if u want! The sound I'm currently looking for the right sound drivers, so I should have that fixed soon (and the vid graphics should be an easy fix too, but I have a PCI gfx card I'm using) I found a fix for the sound, follow guide to figure it out! So, what did work (that's been tested, and came with computer, look up the computer on hp's site to find exact specs): The top dvd player (didn't test the bottom one), ejects with f12 also SATA / IDE drives work, I have both sata and ide hooked up. the USB works the integrated ethernet works my nvidia fx5200 works (multi-resolutions, can set it to my 1280x1024) In a little, I'll post a guide on how to install for this computer, and here are my computer specs: AMD Atholon 64 3700+ (Code name San Diego) processor 2.5gb of DDR memory ASUSTek Computer Inc. Amberine M (v1.03) chipset: ATI Xpress 200 (rs480), southbridge: ATI SB400 ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series graphics card (128mb) Realtek AC'97 Audio Any thing I'm forgetting? let me know Anyways, guide will be up soon on how to install Kalyway 10.5.2 on this computer! (Going to reinstall again, write down everything I choose ) On a side note: Can someone help me get this to a newer version, like 10.5.8? I've tried AMD Patcher and ASU, and couldn't find a download for the iDeneb Delta or whatever! Any help would be appreciated! Guide to setting up kalyway 10.5.2 on hp pavilion a1230n: 1. Download Kalyway 10.5.2 from your fav. torrent site 2. Burn it to a dvd (it can be single layer) 3. Restart your computer, and boot to your dvd drive (hit esc when the hp logo comes up, and go down to the dvd drive you have your disk in) 4. You don't need to boot with any parameters, and just boot up. It takes me about 10 minutes to boot up into the DVD 5. Select your language, click Next, Accept, and go to disk utilities (Utilities -> Disk Utility) 6. Choose your Hard Drive in the left, and click the Erase tab, and name it whatever you want, and make sure the option for erasing is Mac OS X (journaled), or something like that, and click erase. Close disk utility 7. Now select your hard drive, and hit next, and then click Customize on the next screen. 8. You'll use pretty much the defaults for this, but we are making some modifications: Kernels - Leave this at its default, which is 9.2 sleep No Gfx (Unless you have a PCI or PCI-E card, then select the right one!) Network Cards: Default for Networks_Cards, Uncheck the wifi cards Mobo_chipsets: leave defaults (all selected) Any Thirds Applications, select all that you want!! Patches: Default AMD1052Patches Patch Test 1 Boot with Legacy Flag 9. Click done and hit install! 10. You can skip the disk check if you want 11. It took me about 20 mins to install, not bad! 12. When it reboots, don't boot into the CD this time, and boot into the Hard Drive with the -f flag, so hit any key when it says to! 13. It takes about 8 minutes for me with all of the text, and then after that, the screen goes black for about 5 minutes, and then you get the welcome screen playing. 14. Now follow the steps, and when you get to the register page, put your first name and last name, and hit windows key + q, and hit skip, and then choose a password. 15. Hit next, if you have a USB Cam plugged in, it'll take a picture for your profile picture 16. After you're done, welcome to the Mac OS X 10.5.2 and if it runs slow, after a few reboots for me it worked perfectly (not any more, I didn't have to reboot at all for it to work smoothly) to fix audio: 17. To fix the audio to make it work, heres what you need to do: 18. Download the attached audio kext, and get kexthelper b7 from cheetha.net, and drag the .kext file onto the downloaded kexthelper, and enter your password and install. Reboot, and test your audio. If it isn't working, heres what you need to do: 19. Click on the search button on the top right of your hackintosh, and search for Audio MIDI, open up the application it gives you. 20. Under the Audio Devices tab change the Properties for: to the 2nd AC97 Audio (PCM) drop down option. 21. Now under Audio Output click where you see 2ch-16bit, change it to the 4ch, then back to 2ch, and it should work! 22. Enjoy! I couldn't get my mic to work, but my USB mic works that is on my camera! I hope this guide helps everyone that wanted to install a mac! If anyone can figure out how to get 10.5.8 properly installed, let me know a general way, and I'll be sure to make a full guide on it for everyone! Credits for fixing the audio go to various threads in this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=93011&st=0 Have fun guys