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  1. IHateAliases

    Lenovo M93p tiny - help/tut needed

    I have attached my working config.plist for the m93p. It will boot without having to patch the BIOS. Just update the serial numbers and such things. Probably too many options enabled but it works.
  2. IHateAliases

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Does anyone have an unpatched dsdt from the T420? I would like to compare it to the T420s.
  3. IHateAliases

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    tluck, Thanks for much for you work on this. Followed the directions and have my t420s working with 10.9.5. With a little extra searching I got the screen brightness fn keys working. I have a few questions.. I noticed an error about LPC not being initialized, not sure you have also seen that error message before? I did find a post saying to not drop the MCFG table. Not sure what the impact of this would be? For some reason I have two batteries listed in the battery monitor. Not sure this is normal or not?
  4. LatinMcG, took your advice and added the data to dsdt. One less kext needed. I was wondering if anyone has gotten the following error durning startup AppleSMBusDevice:start failed to start - no address
  5. Eds89, I have the exact same problem you do but it happens with an ATI 4850. I've been mucking with my DSDT to make it work with no success.
  6. IHateAliases

    Install on Ibm/Lenovo M57e 6086 A2U

    I have the exact system running here with SL and Lion. Everything seems to work rather well even sleep. The graphics card at the time I built the system wasn't supported and I put in a 8400GS instead. It's a work machine so i don't need super graphics. For the network card i use the IntelE1000e driver and it works well. For the sound card i just use VooDooHDA. The key i found was getting the DSDT setup correctly. After that things just worked.
  7. I was wondering what temperature your CPUs run at. Mine seem to run a little hot at around 59 degrees. Not sure that is normal for these computers.
  8. There is an option to turn down the gain with voodoohda which helps with the noise reduction. Give that a try. The only issue I've had with E1000 is when I remote to my machine it will kernel panic. Mine shutsdown fine with no restart. Have you edited your dsdt at all?
  9. I have the same system and have gotten pretty much everything working except wake from sleep. I had the dual display issue but set Lion to mirror the displays. For sound i have been using VooDooHDA.