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    Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    There is an easy Way for 43xx in 10.5.2 ..... I don't want to shock you - but is is so easy that I do not really understand, why nobody posted this before: Just download the known Airport Extreme Patch 2008-4 and use good old Pacifist to open the package and to install all files. Reboot. Bingo. So for all Guys having trouble updating from 10.5.2 just for getting their Broadcom 43xx to work: stop all orders for new WLAN Cards and go have fun with your build in. The Airport Extreme Patch does natively only work with 10.5.5 - only way around is with Pacifist. Kalyway has Pacifist included as Application - but you can download it anywhere. Best regards and thanx to insanelyMac for my nice little Mac-Netbook Amilo Mini Ui .....
  2. Siawyn

    Printing problems

    Hi, Canon usually has Macdrivers on its Website. And there are allways extra utilitys for printing out of a network. Have you tried these allready? I can print easily with my IR4000 through WLAN Router using the Network utility from Canon. rgs Siawyn
  3. Hi all, I just had a perfect little Kalyway 10.5.2 on my Amilo Mini Netbook running. Everything run smoothly except Audio (which can be fixed) and WLAN (for which I just ordered a new Dell WLAN 1510 that will be recognized as an Airport) .... So I decided to make a User Migration from my Macbook Pro Backup and migrated a single user with Systempreferences and applications..... took about 1h and everything seemd fine afterwards. I did NO reboot after this - and went to bed. My husband took the netbook to work this morning and now complains, that he gets no Darwin Bootloader anymore - He did not take the install DVD with him of course, so there is no way for him to analyse further. Did anybody else have this issue after using Migration Utility? Does it destroy the Bootloader? If so - how to fix it? Or just erase everything again and make a new install? Thanks for your help.