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  1. nForce 680i

    Im looking for solutions to get Snow Leopard working on nForce680i mobo... At this moment when I try to install, the computer restart... i already tried the "cpus=1" like on Leopard but with no luck...
  2. Guys... in one of my BIOS update on my ACER Laptop, the I had an Power Failuer and BOOM... BIOS CORRUPTED... and I fixed without change any chip... I contacted the manufacter to get help and they said.. "Only with new Eprom.." bla bla bla.... So I contact with a friend of mine that work in computers manufacture and he said to me, in my case, the ACER as a Step to Fix BIOS ... so i get the right ROM of the ACER PAGE and follow the right steps and VOILA... work again... The only think i needed to buy was an USB Floopy Disk, plug and follow the steps... some forums help on that... but depends on what computer you use and what BIOS have... and I dont have sure, but its someting like ... take off all power ( battery and AC ) ... Press F10 .... plug the AC.... power button... still pressing the F10 key... and the computer boot automatic the USB Floopy and Re-Flash the Epprom ... EVERYBODY SAID TO ME THAT THE SOLUTION IS SENDING THE COMPUTER TO ACER AND SPEND A LOT OF MONEY AND THE SOLUTION WAS SO SIMPLE.. I ONLY TRY TO HELP BECAUSE THAT {censored} APPENED TO ME...IM SHARING MY EXPERIENCE...
  3. BIOS in almost all computers since 5 years ago... are easy to "bring to live" again... I haved the same problem on my ACER with Bios corruption... and with one external usb floopy disk and the right flash bios, can easly be fixed... in my i think its pressing the f10 key + power on ... I learned that with one guy that worked on computer manufactures... some people think that need to get other BIOS Chip.. etc... but sometimes the fix are very easy...
  4. I dont understand why he need a new laptop if the wireless card can be changed very easly... http://www.laptoprepair101.com/wp-images/t...mponents-07.jpg http://www.laptoprepair101.com/wp-images/w...reless-card.jpg
  5. Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    I have that problem but to solve if you need to boot with both "CPUS=1" and "-f" with this 2 the ethernet work fine and dont crash on downloads...
  6. New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    I installed the USB fix but sometimes when I logon the Leopard the Keyboard and other USB doesnt work.. I need to unplug and plug again, but sometimes i need to reboot... Does anyone know how to fix this pls? by the way... the 680i ethernet doesnt work.. says no Cable plugged...tried in both ethernet, tried the cpus=1 .. power off..etc... nothing work...
  7. New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    This new release are great! specially for my 680i from BFG ... both cores work on my E6600, sound works ( azalia ) and 8800gts 512mb g92 work fine too... but the ethernet doesnt work, only detect the both ethernets but said no cable connected.. By the way, I installed with nforce kernel but i tried the sleepkernel at boot and work fine, so how can i change the kernel ??
  8. Leopard & 680i Chipset

    Ohw... Thanks...and Sorry... My bad.. didnt find that on forum .. :S
  9. Hi, I open this to all users who have this chipset and having problems, specially installing Leopard. My experience, trying to Install the Kalyway 10.5.1 without sucess, I only can make a full install but when finish give me the Apple Logo at boot and.. crash... I installed on a IDE HD... If anybody have the solution to install the Osx Leopard on 680i mobos, please reply a tutorial, or the best .ISO... or something... Lets try to work together, sharing experiences...etc...
  10. Apple DVD Player

    I have Semthex 10.4.8 ... SSE3 .. QE ..etc... I Play all my DVD very fine on DVD Player ( apple ) but only I cant see is the Subtitles... does anyone know any solution ? PS: Im trying on my Laptop...
  11. nVidia 7600GS AGP

    Congratulations Man and Thanks... Great Job... Now Quartz Extreme and Core Image are running!!
  12. nVidia 7600GS AGP

    At moment I dont have any lucky, and now I need the Geforce.kext ( 10.4.8 ) because I deleted and forgot to made a backup... If someone can send me, plz... Thanks.. and Good luck
  13. nVidia 7600GS AGP

    Nop.. :S .. Where Can I find it?
  14. Hi, I made this topic for people who have the same card like me, and need help to get Full Working ( QE / CI ) I droped the TITAN.Kext on "Extensions" and made all the instructions... worked fine on my old graphic card ( GEFORCE 6600GT ) but now I have this card and doesnt work, When I try to Boot Mac Os X, give me the error to "press power button to reboot" etc...etc... So.. If anybody know how to get this graphic work, please reply... Ps. Sorry about my bad english...