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  1. ajvishus

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Haven't been on this forum in a loooong time... here's my current desktop Dual screen setup (left) Samsung LN32B360 (right) Imac intel 20"
  2. no doubt.. me too I just think Spaces is a better way to organize massive amounts of media and apps
  3. ajvishus

    Good Torrent Programs?

    uTorrent pwnz
  4. Wow!! i love your speaker setup, puts mine to shame! Also ofcourse i like your monitor, 2232's kick @ss!
  5. ajvishus

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    screenshot when perfecting new mix in Logic Pro & listenin to some songs on Djay *new background in Carbon Fiber
  6. ajvishus

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    ^^^^ SWOTanal ... lol funny file name Nice theme, a lil scary
  7. AJ- First Letter of my 1st and Middle Name Vishus- What my cuzin calls me after I did a couple tracks on his album, lol don't ask why
  8. ajvishus

    Stuck Pixels (TFT Screens) it works!

    I'd be too scared to damage my new 22" Samsung... :/ Great tip though!
  9. ajvishus

    Simpsons At The Mapple Store

    Well it seems Lisa isn't as smart as everybody thought she was, should have used Limewire
  10. Imac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ggz 1gb Ram 20' Samsung 2232 BW+ monitor 22' Sony STR 502P Digital Audio/Video Control Center w/ Surround Sound & 50watt Subwoofer (bought it off my mom for 50 bucks great deal huh!) Linksys Cable Modem (forgot the model, but its old) Iphone 3g 16gb (Jailbroken, 2.1 firmware) Macbook Air 1.6ghz 2gb ram (not shown, being used as a replacement for g/f's broken Sony Vaio) coming soon: 1T external hard drive, 4gb Ram, wireless mighty mouse & keyboard
  11. ajvishus

    How do I stop Portscan?

    thanx for the advice osx86 Recently the attacks have stopped, so i hope I don't have to do that