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  1. Did a little research and found that, in general, Gigabyte motherboards have unlocked MSR in their BIOS. So I should be good to go with my GA H87, and will probably be updating this weekend...
  2. Thanks for the link, I shall give it a try as soon as I have created a test Mavericks install on another drive, as I'm currently quite happy with my setup and don't want to break it
  3. Anyone with a GA-H87M-D3H Haswell (1150) MB with Mavericks 10.9.5 try to update yet?
  4. drule

    Mavericks very slow boot

    It looks like your boot disk has become corrupted or has corrupted files on it, probably from a crash or unsafe shutdown. You will have to boot from USB or another drive and then run Disk Utility to repair your boot drive.
  5. I thought everything was going great with my Mavericks Hackint0sh (see tagline), until I noticed that only one core seems to be enabled (i3 4150): BDMESG output (Chameleon v2.2svn r2377) Handle: 0x0041, DMI type 4, 38 bytes Processor Information Socket Designation: SOCKET 0 Type: Central Processor Family: 0xC6 Manufacturer: Intel ID: 0x306C3 Version: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4150 CPU @ 3.50GHz External Clock: 0 MHz Max Speed: 3491 MHz Current Speed: 3500 MHz Upgrade: Other Serial Number: Not Specified Asset Tag: Fill By OEM Part Number: Fill By OEM Core Count: 2 Core Enabled: 1 Thread Count: 2 Is this just a quirk in the reporting, as HWMonitor reports temperatures on both cores ???
  6. I ordered 6 dongles from different eBay sellers, totalling $12 shipping incl. Then just tried each one. This resulted in 4 working on my SL build, and 3 on my Mav build (of which one was the best for Magic Mouse). So I suggest you just order a bunch, trying to make sure the vendors are shipping from different areas/countries. TIP: When testing each one, make sure to remove the dongle and rebuild your kext cache, then shutdown before plugging in your next test dongle
  7. I am just about to update my 10.9.4 to 10.9.5, and seem to remember that Kexts (modified) could be placed in /Extra/Kexts (or was that only when using EFI), rather than S/L/E, is this correct? If yes, could someone provide a link explaining all the Chameleon setup options. Thanks
  8. I seem to have fixed the sluggish Bluetooth SuperMouse by moving the Bluetooth Broadcom dongle to a USB3 port (it was on a USB2 port).
  9. It seems to report my USB2 ports as XHCI (USB 3) for my GA-H87M-D3H (has 2 x USB2 ports on back panel). Is this normal? Here is my IOREG showing them as XHC ports.
  10. What BIOS version? (I started with F7, but updated to F9 - did not seem to make a difference) I will give your DSDT a try, as I've been having some problems with USB3/Legacy detection (yes, I have same BIOS XHCI/EHCI settings as you) and long sleep. My system: i3-4150 GA-H87M-D3H F9 BIOS 1 x 4GB 1600mhz non-ECC RAM module (reported as installed on slot 4, when actually installed on slot 1) Gigabyte Nvidea GTX 650 OC Mavericks 10.94 installed and running, using Chamelon v2.2svn 2377 (darkwake=0 dart=0 generate P/C-states restart-fix) w/SMBios iMac14,2 and the kexts from Rampage's site for this board, plus Nvid DSDT patch file in /Extra. Removed NullCpuPowerManagement.kext after installation Had to install VoodooHDA to get it to recognize the ALC892 audio on the MB. Everything seems to be working (no problem with app-store or icloud), but sometimes I get "beach balled" when coming out of sleep after a few times (never on the first time waking up). And my Bluetooth MagicMouse can gets sluggish sometimes. Also some problems with correct USB port recognition (it thinks legacy USB 2 ports are USB3). If anyone thinks they can help me with my DSDT, I will upload all my IORegistry report and other pertinent files to DropBox and post the link. NOTE: What is best way to extract my DSDT? I don't have Windows or Linux, just Macs. Thanks
  11. When did Apple offer a wired aluminum keyboard without keypad?
  12. Do you know if anyone has got the 4400 to work on a desktop? The original post referred to said 'rarely', so I suppose that someone must have got it to work... Ok, also just found out that the i3-4330 3.5Ghz has HD4600 GPU, so may go for that. Is there any real advantage to spending the extra 100 for an i5?
  13. Just took my kb over to a friend's home, who has a 1 year old desktop, and it would not work during POST/BIOS menu...so I guess the answer is no.
  14. Damn! Well, looks like I have to pickup a graphics card. Any suggestions on a low cost card, that will be compatible with Mavericks? Or maybe it would just make more sense to pickup an i5 cpu?
  15. I just came across pokenguyen's AIO guide that makes note of the HD4400 low chance of being usable with Mavericks. As this is the only mention I have been able to find, can anyone confirm this? (I was just about to buy the mentioned processor)