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    Network Solution for Leopard

    I have an Acer 531h 10,1" netbook with Atheros 5006x wifi-adapter inside (168c, 001c) I´ve tried a lot of different versions of both Leopard and Snow Leopard. Wifi works perfekt in all Leopard versions using Kismac. But in Snowy it won´t work. I manage to make it visible in every way, BUT the card refuses to start. I´ve tried every tips and tricks avaliable on the internet, but NO! Then I decided to buy an Usb-wirelessadapter. Found one on Teknikmagasinet that is only 33x15 mm in size. It comes in two versions. One cost about 25 euros, which I bought, and supports 802.11n and 300Mbps. http://teknikmagasinet.se/db.pl?tf=product...mp;artnr=500161 The cheaper one, 20 euros, supports 802.11n and 150Mbps. http://teknikmagasinet.se/db.pl?tf=product...mp;artnr=500145 Manufactured by Konig Electonics (http://blog.worldofkonig.com/). The chip inside are Realtek 8191SU wireless LAN 802.11n usb 2.0 network adapter. The drivers and software included are 10.5, but works perfect with my Snow 10.62 installation. I have a home network with three other pc´s (Windows 7 and Xp) and a wireless router and printer attached to the Xp-desktop. Use router and not Ad-hoc unless you have a 802.11n adapter on the other computer too. The connection breaks after a few seconds if connected to b/g wifi. Maybe easy to solve, but the router takes care of the problem anyway. I have absolutely no problems with printer and filesharing on either of the four computers. Until I find a solution to the Atheros problem in Snow Leopard, I´m satisfied with my Usb-adapter. I´s small, fast, cheap and easy to use.