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  1. Please help, second graphics card doesn't work !

    I use aty init by netkas for my nvidia cards works for multiple cards. I don't use dsdt. On my gigabyte boards i find that i have to set the bios to boot the second card first or i will get black screens. Currently using it with 3 cards in one machine 2 x gtx 275 and an 8600gt. Always worked great for me.
  2. ASUS P5N73-AM, Intel Quad Core...

    I have same board, sound works 2 channel in and out with voodoo hda kext installed with osx86 tools
  3. PCIe GeForce 7600GS (XFX - Device ID : 0x0392) iDeneb

  4. 3 Graphics Cards Fully Working at the Same Time

    All 3 cards working properly and using QE/CI AND GL .Can play games on any of the five screens with full acceleration .You will see from the zip file there are screenshots of mac info showing all functions enabled.I use 4xscreens on 2x8400gs and 1x screen on fx5200. SPECS. FATALITY FP IN9 ,Q6600 OC 2.92GHZ,2GB RAM ,SATA AND IDE HD,750W POWER SUPPLY.
  5. Just thought id let you know i have 3 graphics cards working in ideneb 10.5.5 all with QE/CI. 2x 8400gs pcie and 1 fx5200 pci QE/CI. From a clean install i installed nvdarwin installer 1.2.4mpkg and rebooted .Then i ran easy efi studio and added 1x8400gs and restarted and finally i used easy install nvinject to add the nvinject 0.2.0 dual cards kext.Rebooted and was amazed that i have 3 cards all with full support. I have been searching for days on the net to try and get just 1 card working properly. If you wish to see the kext or plist let me know. Hope this help. SCREENSHOTS.zip