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  1. Hey guys, Im using CS3...so this has been an annoyance for me for a while now... I get an image all adjusted properly with it exactly how I want it. Then I go to File/Save for Web and Devices (I'm saving for websites) and when I save it as a jpeg the images are a noticeable amount brighter and washed out...Unless I open the JPG file in PS, Then the image looks fine! Does anyone know why this happens? Its really annoying to have to make my images too dark in photoshop and then save it for web and see if it looks like what I want it to! Thanks guys!
  2. OK see the picture below…how do I turn that off? (the blue stuff showing any part of the picture that is completely black) Somehow this got turned on and I don’t want it! This only happens when I open up a RAW .CR2 File.. Thanks guys Jon
  3. RESOLVED: If anyone is having a similar problem. Font Nuke a free program that i got FIXED IT! WHO HOO
  4. Ok, I am having a very odd character problem with MS Entourage 04…and another odd issue with Dreamweaver that may be related. I will explain them below. Entourage ======= Randomly when I get an email (I think it primarily happens with certain HTML emails) the characters will be crazy and jumbled looking! Easiest way to explain it is to show a picture so that’s what I have done. FYI My character set is set to Auto. Dreamweaver ========== Many times, but not all of the times. (seemingly random and completely annoying) When I click to edit text within the design view my flashing | Cursor thing will come up where I click but then when I type…its not at the right place. It’s a real pain, I will have to keep trying by trial and error because my cursor is not where it should be. I end up deleting things I don’t want to and adding things where I Don’t want them…does ANYONE know what could cause this???