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  1. Hackintosh Custom Installer Generator

    ok, I managed to install the DMG using disk utility but now when I boot from it nothing happens just black screen and in the top left corner the cursor is blinking nothing happens. Please help guys.
  2. Hackintosh Custom Installer Generator

    I used the tool to create this on my desktop: Sierra Custom Installer.dmg how can I make my dell M6500 bootable from this so it works?
  3. Hackintosh Custom Installer Generator

    Arsian, I am kind of the dummy one in this field, could you tell me exactly how to do the generate dmg and write to disk with disk utility? By writing to dis you mean do a DVD Media (CD) or how? Thanks for not laughing.
  4. Hackintosh Custom Installer Generator

    Also, when trying to check the "Write to disk (takes longer) option the app just quits so the previous user above was right it is buggy. Please confirm By the way I updated the tool to the latest version 2.0
  5. Hackintosh Custom Installer Generator

    What EXTRA folder do you refer to? I have El Capitan installed on my Dell M6500 and runs fine. Of course I want to update to SIERRA but with no luck, always getting kernel Panic. The only folder I see is: EFI and there are all the kext folders etc.
  6. Snow Leopard on a DELL XPS M1530

    Guys, I have the xps M1530 laptop with nvidia 8600GT installed SL and everything works but the video is jerky. It plays video but it kind of jumps so the video playback is not smooth. And the other issue is when I try to run Iweb 09 and select a template the template is empty. It works fine on Ideneb 10.5.8 but no in SL. Any help? I am willing to donate via paypal for helping me out. Thanks
  7. Can annyone help me out with the nvidia and sound issue on the latest SNOW distro? In exchange I will let you know where to get the working iso of the latest snow leo 10.6.2 Thanks
  8. Hi guys, Please help me out, I have a lenovo T61 with the nvidia NVS 140M and can't install OSX on my laptop. Everytime I install OSX it finishes successfully but after the first boot I am getting KERNEL panic. Please help, will be willing to pay for help with this Thanks Mandy
  9. Hello guys, Anyone here that can help me with a new install of Ideneb or osx86 latest versions on my Lenovo laptop T61 15"? It installs just fine but after the install the apple logo shows for about 1 minute and the circle spinns for about 30 sec and then the kernel panic screen apperas. Any idea why?
  10. Ok, after another few reboots it finally works. Graphics ethernet and WIFI works fine. But NO sound, any idea how to get my sound to work? It is Latitude D830 laptop with Sigmatel sound. Please guys
  11. I rebooted with -v for 46 times over 4 hours. And still no luck. I am getting a postscreen saying this: MAC OS version: Not Yet Set Kernel version Version 9.5.0 blabla.... IST 2008 Voodo Release 1.0 xnu-1228.7.58/Build/obj/Release_I386 and after this comes up on the lcd nothing is happening. Any help?
  12. I was booting from AHCI and ATA, also burned with IMGBURN with lowest speed and still nothing. I burned like 4 different distros and no luck.
  13. oK, i DOWNLOADED THE ipc86 PPFF 6 final and still the same. Guys please there need to be someone here to know the solution Please Mandy
  14. Thanks but I tried xxx 8x86 release and I don't think IPC86 will work. Thanks. I guess I will give up;(
  15. Yes I tried with -x and -s and -f etc no luck. Anyone here that can help? After I boot from cd with -v -f -x I get a black screen with this: buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers IOAPIC: version 0x20 Vectors 0:23" the screen just stays on this and nothing happens. I am really willing to pay anyone to help me with this. Please guys..I am sick of using windows and LOVE OSX but can't afford to buy a real mac.