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  1. So, this is a bit of a confusing issue. Only 10.6.3 will work on my Macbook Pro. (using nVidia 320M graphics). When I try to boot any other USB version, 10.6.8, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 or 10.10, I get a Kernel Panic that seems to relate to my Graphics Card. However, I know my graphics card isn't faulty as on 10.6.3, I can play games QE/CI is enabled and 720p playback work perfect on YouTube. But no matter what I do, I cannot get my system upgraded to a newer OS, as it locks up after loading the Graphics kext. Any help would be appreciated! MacBook Pro 2.4GHz C2D 13" Mid-2010 nVidia 320m
  2. Well thanks to everyone that took a look at my topic... I put the nic card at the very TOP of all the pci slots... And now there is no panic/freeze/lock. Strange how having the nic in a different slot would cause something like that... Reason the nic wasn't in the top slot is because it interferes with the space my AGP card takes up... Takes up the whole AGP slot and about half the PCI slot because of the metal grille for the fan... So I was able to just kind of push the AGP to the side enough to literally CRAM the nic in. =) Not really a ace idea considering the possibility of breaking one of the cards or the slots or something... But at the time of me trying for a week to get this dang thing to work... I really do feel quite stupid that all I needed to do was switch the PCI Slots... The 3rd (bottom) would make it freeze within 1 minute of desktop. 2nd (middle) would be around 5 minutes. 1st (top) has been a good solid hour(?)... And not one hitch! Thanks to everyone again... Happy Hackint0sh(ing) everyone!!!! ~Special Thanks to Kalyway for putting together such a great 10.5.2 release! Works great thank you so much! And to the maker of the Voodoo Kernel... It makes my OS X Respond much faster than normal! Almost like giving it double speed!!~ Thanks again everyone! ~Bless~
  3. Just a reply to beg that someone reads this... I am that unsure of what to do next, I gotta beg... Anyone with any information please respond or message me. Anything will help!
  4. I was hoping someone could help me with something. I have an AMD 3300+ 2.41GHZ. I downloaded and installed the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD just fine. I get past the install and setting up OSX. I get to the desktop, I start browsing the web, and within 5 minutes, my whole pc locks up. The only thing I can do is hold the power button and hard reset. I get back in and even if I never open Safari, just using iChat, within 5 minutes, complete freeze. I have no idea what is going on. I have reinstalled upto 50 times I would guess now... Trying different options at install, i'm at a crossroads, does anyone know what to do that can help? Any questions or answers are GREATLY appreciated! Thanks to the world of OSX86 =)