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  1. I just bought a Slimline S3200n. It has a Southbridge NVIDIA nForce 630i motherboard. I have tried Kalyway tiger DVD's. Also have tried a few iAtkos, and iPC leopard. Everytime I boot with them in -v, -f, and so on. Evertime I seem to boot with any DVD I get to the loading verbose screen and than it will hang for a bit and say "Waiting for root device..." I have been trying to get it working and can't seem to find a solution. My question is does anybody have the same PC as me. Or if not, now of any solutions that could possibly help me? Thank you guys/gals in advance.
  2. My Lappy. :S

    Okay, I tried to get tiger on my Compaq nx9010 about a year ago, and was told that my lappy has SSE2 and was compatible with Tiger. I have tried multiple DVD's. Every DVD I have tried I get the same problem, something about the trackpad. I tried adding a trackpad driver from another mac, same problem. Two questions: Has anybody got Tiger to work on a nx9010? Does anybody have suggestions on how to fix my problem? Or possibly disable my trackpad for good? Thank you in Advance.