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  1. I tried to get the wired networking working using the instructions in the first post of this thread at first too, and it didn't work for me. I think (but can't remember for certain) that I ended up just replacing the entire leopard .kext with the one linked in the first post instead of just replacing some of the files contained in it and that worked for me.
  2. The ones who have wireless working out of the box are using a different card (usually Dell 1390 I think). Those of us with the 3945 card have to do without wireless for now , but there are people trying to get it working.
  3. Kevin, you mentioned that you were able to change the dual core setting once you set a password, did you try changing the power settings after that too since it might have been the same thing preventing you from changing them. If not, you could try changing the settings manually in the configuration file: sudo vim /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.PowerManagement.plist Of course you can use a different editor if you prefer. Change the 'Display Sleep Timer' and 'System Sleep Timer' values to 0 in both the battery power and AC power sections. The only things I haven't been able to get working on my laptop now are the sleep mode and wireless networking. Unfortunately, on my laptop, an operating system is kind of useless without those things .
  4. Do you mean wireless as well for that? I didn't think anyone had gotten a 3945abg wireless card working in OS X yet. I did manage to get the wired network working though by using an older kext. Could you explain that problem with saving the plist a bit more? What editor are you using, what exactly happens when you try to save it, etc? That power saving bug is really odd, I've changed my power saving settings so that it never sleeps or turns off the display and they didn't change back for me.
  5. So the networking worked for you without any patching? I can't get wired or wireless (3945) working on mine, but everything else is basically as you described (except I had no problem saving the cpus=1 option in the plist).
  6. Thanks for the quick answer . Unfortunately, while it installed fine this time, I got a blank screen when I boot . I've uninstalled natit now, and I'm going to try again installing manually. One other thing I've come across since my previous post though - does your computer have one of those MediaDirect buttons just next to the power button? If so, make sure you don't press it (while the computer is off at least). I accidentally did and it tried to recover the MediaDirect partition (deleted while making room for OS X and Ubuntu) and while recovering that it deleted my Windows partition. I was able to recover the Windows partition and put everything back how it was supposed to be, but I'm trying to find a way to disable that button or at least change what it does so that I don't do it again.
  7. Nice guide seaDonkey. I've just used it to get OS X running on my new M1210. The only problem I have is that when I run the Natit installer downloaded from the link you gave, it doesn't seem to do anything. The installer shows up in the dock for about a second and then disappears but nothing else happens and if I reboot I still don't have QE/CI. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Cain

    Me and my new hackintosh (hopefully)

    It took me a couple of goes to get it right, but it is working now. For the onboard components, I wasn't able to get networking or audio working yet. And I also had to install OS X on a PATA drive because it couldn't detect my sata drives. I also don't have Quartz Extreme or Core Image, but that would be because of the graphics card, not the motherboard.Unfortunately a computer isn't much use to me without network access, so I haven't been using OS X much yet. I decided to wait a little while and see if it's supported better in a future release, otherwise I'll probably try getting a seperate network card from the hardware compatability lists.
  9. First of all, Live Mail is still in Beta - they're only using a fraction of the number of servers for it that they'll be using once it's out of beta, and they also have only a fraction of the number of users, so judging it's speed at the moment is pointless, it could get faster or slower or stay the same. Secondly, Live Mail is actually pretty fast for me (faster than Gmail these days), so if you think it's slow maybe you haven't tried it for a while (it was slow when I first tried it).
  10. Ok, I thought I start off this blog with a little background about me to add a bit of context to the later posts. First of all, I'm a big gamer and I'm a C# programmer, which pretty much makes me a Windows guy. I'm also an electronic engineer though, which means I use Linux a lot too. Up until now, I haven't had much chance to use OSX, and I couldn't justify the cost of a Mac just so I could try it out. I do like to keep an open mind about technology though, and I've always been interested in what was happening in the Apple world even if I wasn't using their products much myself. When I first found out about the osx86 project a long time ago I tried it out on my computer, but the hardware wasn't very compatible and while I did manage to get it to boot, almost nothing worked and it was extremely slow. I wasn't interested in buying a new computer at the time, so my experiments ended for a while, but I still kept checking the osx86project and related websites regularly. I have just recently built myself a new computer, and while I didn't go out of the way to get OS X compatible parts, I did check the compatibility lists while deciding what to buy so that I could at least ensure I didn't buy anything that was known to be incompatible. Here's what I ended up with: Motherboard: DFI Infinity 975X/G CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Memory: 2GB Corsair Twin2x DDR2 XMS2-6400 Graphics Card: 256MB Albatron GeForce 7600 Hard Drives: 2x Western Digital 320GB SATA2 drives for data. OS X will be installed on a 80GB PATA drive Optical Drive: Pioneer DVR-111D I haven't seen any information about anyone having tried the DFI motherboard yet, but I have seen reports of success (no problems at all) with both the CPU and Optical drive. I haven't seen any reports about the other parts either, but people have had success with very similar parts so I'm hoping it'll go ok for me and I'll update the compatibility lists with my results when the installation is done. Hopefully my next post will be from OS X on my hackintosh .
  11. I wonder how long that part will stay up on the site. Microsoft have been saying since 2004 or ealier that Vista (Longhorn at the time) would support both EFI and BIOS.
  12. Cain

    Will OS x86 work on my AMD System?

    I assume he meant using a PCI card SATA controller instead of the nForce controller.