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  1. Left4Dead (Cider Port) Beta

    Are you using the steam version or CD of L4D, and have you tried it on a unibody Mac? I tried loco's wrapper with the CD version on a unibody Mac and no joy.
  2. Looks like Ubi and Transgaming are bring POP 4 out for Mac http://insidemacgames.com/news/story.php?ID=17499 with this wrapper maybe possible to get Assasins Creed, Left4Dead and Fallout 3 going also.
  3. Porting team

    Great stuff, its nice to see someone with real experience spending the time to do this and get others up to speed.
  4. [STW] City of Heros Cider wrapper 2097

    New COH cider posted.
  5. Which would you like..?

    Yea, Left4Dead isn't working I think most newer games are going to require at least the latest drivers from Apple and who knows how long that will be. Although Nvidia are now releasing the latest drivers for OEM systems on their site but alas not Apple.
  6. Fallout 3 using Oblivion's Cider

    From Crossover Game Forum I've gotten Fallout3 to load to the main menu, by following the Tips & Tricks posted, and I have a couple more tricks. "No Sound Device Detected" from FalloutLauncher.exe: This error seems only to happen while the intro audio track is playing. If you wait for the sound track to stop playing, clicking "Play" succeeds without the "No Sound Device Detected" error. If you rename/remove the intro audio track file (sorry I don't remember the exact filename at the moment) in the Fallout 3 directory, this error doesn't happen at all. "No Disk Inserted" I have the retail DVD package. I found a torrent containing a "patched" FalloutLauncher.exe as a drop-in replacement. This doesn't ask for the DVD, so I'm able to play. Seems preferable to copying the entire DVD to my drive and messing with daemon tools or whatnot. I don't feel too guilty using a "cracked" binary since I own the DVD. But I did have to download it from Russia, which made me feel a little dirty. At least it's kept in a bottle I found I had to run the GLSL regedit change a couple times before it stuck. But with that in place, and the xinput1_3.dll, and the above changes, Fallout loads to the main menu from the FalloutLauncher.exe for me. From here on though, what's the point? I haven't heard anyone successfully get a new game to actually start. It's pretty cool to see the menu screen and all, but I think more of a tease than anything. I have played this a bit on a windows box, so I tried copying some savegames to my bottle and loading those instead of starting a new game. But no dice. Also tried removing the video/music files in case one of those were the issue. No change. I can try to grab some backtraces of the crashing process, but is there anyone here (besides the CodeWeavers folks) who can make anything of that data? Anyone got further than the Main Menu screen? Cosmo
  7. Assassin's Creed - unofficial cider

    From the Crossover Games Forum While Codeweavers and the WINE project are great people and the software they develop is incredible the reason why Left 4 Dead doesn't work isn't there fault. Most recently released games are using OpenGL, DirectX 9c or DirectX 10 to render games. The situation on compatibility goes as follows. OpenGL= works great with Crossover on mac and linux DirectX 9c= Crossover itself is completely compatible, works on Linux DirectX 10= doesn't work at all, although it is in the works Left 4 Dead uses DirectX 9c and the rendering called GLSL. Now only certain video cards work with GLSL in Crossover and WINE. These are Nvidia cards but only recently with updates to the video card drivers has this been possible for Crossover and WINE. Now all Linux computers with a Nvidia card should be able to run GLSL fine and run DirectX 9c. Now here's the problem. Apple has not updated the video cards drivers for Nvidia video cards. This creates the problem on Macs. When you enable GLSL in regedit (see Tips & Tricks section) this causes all DirectX rendering to be inefficient. It uses all the computer's processing power and causes the game to lag terribly. Bottom line is that Apple needs to update their drivers. Solutions -For Linux users with ATI cards, if you can update to a nvidia card do so because gaming and Compiz-Fusion on Linux is much more efficient with Nvidia cards because ATI drivers are up to snuff. But Left 4 Dead even in Linux is a work in progress but should be fixed fast. -Almost all new macs now use Nvidia cards but for those with ATI cards tough luck. -If you have a Nvidia card and really need Left 4 Dead, download a Linux distro (I like Ubuntu) and install it on your mac. From there you can install the free open source project WINE which codeweavers uses for Crossover and they support strongly. Or you can purchase the Linux version of Crossover Games. But Left 4 Dead even in Linux is a work in progress but should be fixed faster because Codeweavers and the WINE project can solve these problems. -If you're patient (or extremely stubborn like me) you can pressure Apple to update their Nvidia and ATI drivers to support GLSL. This choice is the true solution because no new game will work in Crossover Mac without this.
  8. Porting team

    lastowl Just curious how things are going with this?
  9. Which would you like..?

    Sweet, here's hoping for a workable solution, again, fingers and toes crossed for ya.
  10. [STW] City of Heros Cider wrapper 2097

  11. Which would you like..?

    Fallout 3 would be great, it's using the Oblivion engine so I guess it should be doable with 2060?
  12. Assassin's Creed - unofficial cider

    This sounds very promising, hopefully you can work out the last few bugs. If this works out then Prince of Persia 4 should be a snap as it uses the same engine.
  13. Assassin's Creed - unofficial cider

    wasn't stubbs released as a mac native file, PPC I guess.
  14. Assassin's Creed - unofficial cider

    Great news, fingers crossed that it all works out and eagerly waiting for a release of all your hard work : >)
  15. Assassin's Creed - unofficial cider

    Just wanted to say, thanks for the work so far, despite certain other members being less than forthcoming to help the community.