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  1. Hackintosh best amount of RAM

    There's no reason not to have at least 4GB, given the price of DDR2. Video, VM's and Photo editing needa good amoutn of RAM as well as good CPU. For 20-30 bucks it's a no-brainer.
  2. Asus P5N7A-VM

    Now why in the world would Diabolik using anything other than NVKush??????
  3. It can be done, but you will always have an element of risk and a learning curve because after all you aren't using apple hardware. I would recommend that you build your own box to make it as compatible as possible. Start your research on the osx86project wiki for a mobo that will suite your needs. You can get OSX to run on an OEM machine like a Dell, but it's more of a hassle. I've done it both ways.
  4. You need to use the fixed ps2controller.kext and his nub for proper support. I was the one whom he fixed it for originally. I have a gateway MT-6916. It seems Gateways laptop keyboards don't get detected properly, so he fixed the controller so that it will pass the probe check.
  5. OSx86 on Gateway M-6846, no keyboard

    You'll need a USB keyboard to do the install and then replace the ps2controller with this one from here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=831595 Chun-Nan tweaked it so it will bypass the probe check and that was the problem for Gateway laptops. Also, get his ps2nub that's in the first post. You should be good to go after that. Mine is working fine now. In regards to sound, you probably have a Sigmatel 9205, which can be patched with HDAPatcher and a codec dump after install as well. I uploaded the patcher and dump that worked okay for me. Just drag the dump text to the patcher icon and it will do the rest. If you want wireless you'll have to replace that card with something like a Dell 1490 that you can get on Ebay for $15. Just keep doing research, because if their is a fix it's probably buried someplace. It takes time and patience. AppleHDAPatcherv1.20.app STAC9200.txt
  6. No, it looks good. The reason I probably saw that in the first place in Sys Prefs is that I had a USB keyboard connected as well at that time. I did a reinstall and updated to 10.5.4 and the keyboard is still working fine. All I have left to fix is the card reader which doesn't work with your fix and the usual reboot/shutdown/ sleep issue if that can be fixed. I think the card reader is Realtek. Thank you again
  7. Impossible Gateway keyboard

    Well Chun-Nan mamaged to get my keyboard working on my Gateway MT-6916 today! Use the PS2 Controller he created for me here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...40&start=40 Also use the latest b5 version of his nub that's also located in the first post. I hope that this will fix all the Gateways with keyboard detection problems I haven't updated my my base Kalyway 10.5.2 install yet though.
  8. Chun you're the freakin man! It lives! Typing from the lap keyboard now. Couple of things is that it works but it won't detect normally Sys Pref/Keyboard&Mouse. I guess you set the controller in a way to force it somehow. Booting with -v I get ApplePS2Keyboard: probe commandsCount1. The latest ioreg is attached. Another question is will it be screwed again if I go to 10.5.3 or .4 Thank you so much again for all your effort and hopefully it should fix the issue with everyone else that uses a Gateway laptop that have keyboard issues. ioreg_sp3.rtf
  9. HI, I did as you requested and the AppleACPIPlatform.kext that's installed now is 1.03. Still failed probe on keyboard detection. Here's the ioreg dump. Running Kalyway 10.5.2 w/ 9.2 Speedstep kernel ioreg_sp2.rtf
  10. OK Chun-Nan, I reinstalled LeoForAll V3 and replaced the ps2controller with the version that the probe fails with the keyboard. The ioreg_sp is attached. Time to pray and thanks for everything ioreg_sp.rtf
  11. I only have Vista installed at the moment, because I had to reformat the whole disk. Can I get the info from Vista or do I need to get it from OS X? If I have to install Leo again, what's the exact command to use in Terminal to do the iroreg dump that you want? Here's the ApplePS2Controller.kext from the iATKOS release you requested ApplePS2Controller.kext.zip
  12. Sorry for the delay, my Vista install got hosed. Oh Joy! LOL Hardware Ids ACPI/PNP0303 So it's PNP0303 If you can get the PS2 controller to work, you'll have the gratitude of many frustrated Gateway owners. Thanks Chun-Nan
  13. Nope, I think I've tried them all. That one particular version on that iAtkos 1.0i V2 has the only one that evne tries to detect the keyboard.
  14. So, I'm getting the same results that the hardware probe fails on ApplePS2Keyboard.kext, this is the 2.0 version of it found on the iAtkos 10.5.1 dvd. Is their any way to force detection? Can the keyboard.kext be modded to include our keyboard device id's?
  15. I think I've only seen one of the Leopard releases that the ps2controller even sees the keyboard and the probe failed. Otherwise, it's not even detected at all. The kexts are loading fine that's for sure. I'll have to go through the dvd's again and try to find the particular one. It just seems the Gateways laptops in general have a very stubborn ps2 keyboard controller.