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    Snow Leopard Upgrade from Leopard?

    Oh and just adding onto this: Has anyone used the Developer Preview to test this? I know it can change from developer-retail but still If possible screenshot the installer option to upgrade? I'm just curious atm.
  2. dwigmac

    Snow Leopard Upgrade from Leopard?

    I have a MacBook Pro Late 2008 Model.. Thanks for the quick reply! Wasn't expecting one that fast. Will it run as well as it would as a clean/fresh install?
  3. Sorry if this is not the right area. However I would like to purchase Snow Leopard when it comes out of course. I currently have Mac OS X Leopard. I wanted to know if I could do an Upgrade of Snow Leopard rather then a complete/fresh install of Snow Leopard. If an Upgrade is available, Will it be as good as a fresh install? And will it still minimize the amount of space of the operating system?(as I heard snow leopard would do this), And will the improvements to the speed and architecture of the system be as good? If possible, explain what an upgrade actually does? (Does it remove the old operating system and put the new one on keeping user folders intact and applications intact? Or does it indeed just change files) PS: I am tech-savvy. So explain in detail if you want!! Thanks!