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  1. That is where I have my kext, I am using the latest fakepciid.kext for the BCM57781. Kext's relating to IONetworking* at /S/L/E are untouched and clean. Yet the issue still persists...
  2. This kext? ...Huh, did you forget to attach the kext to your post?: Please do share. Unless someone else has another solution? Best Regards, Jason
  3. BCM57781 is borked for me to on High Sierra, no ethernet detected. Also the device at times can vanish and be non detectable in operating systems outside of OSX after a reboot. I've found simply toggling on/off the onboard LAN from UEFI BIOS works too in getting it to return. Any known solutions yet for High Sierra?
  4. After an update to 10.7.4 all previously patched kexts in order to get the BCM57781 chipset working in Lion no longer work. This is apparent for a number of users now, unfortunately due to the instability of my available wireless cards this leaves me and many others without network access. Has anyone come across any alternative methods to get this chipset working under 10.7.4 as using pre-patched and/or patching manually fails to work? Look forward to hearing your results... Best Regards, ST1Cl<^^aN