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  1. That makes sense, although I haven't done anything custom with chameleon -- just a standard setup. I have one drive with two partitions -- Leopard on 1, and Snow Leopard on 2, and another drive with Windows. Is there some other kind of information on my chameleon setup I can get?
  2. I did have an extensions.mkext in Extra. I deleted it and rebooted, but got the KP again. The file also didn't get re-created, so it must not be making it to the stage in the boot process where the file gets create.
  3. I had the same thought, and tried the guide all over again from the start -- with the same result. The only two things that might be unique to me are: 1) I'm installing on a 2nd partition (Leo is on my 1st) 2) I'm using a nVidia GTX 260, which EFITools didn't have, so I had to create a custom EFI for it via UInstaller.
  4. Yes, just confirmed that my own DSDT works fine in Leo.
  5. I've been struggling with a KP trying to boot into SL. I followed the guide but am stuck on the reboot in Step 9, and have tried booting with my own DSDT as well as yours. Attached is a photo of the KP. I appreciate any suggestions you can give me!